Democrats to Release Intelligence Report to Create Political Chaos

What do people think of when they hear of a “failed rescue attempt” announced by either a government spokesman or a member of the media? What about when you hear from the same people that a member of a Special Forces unit was killed during a failed rescue attempt?

To the uninformed, one would think that the “rescue team” somehow messed up, or that something just went bad. Although that’s a typical reaction, in most cases, it’s dead wrong.

In most cases, it’s not the fault of the operators or even the intelligence. It’s the fault of — say it with me — politicians. Surprise, surprise!

Believe it or not, the military does know what it’s doing, and given the right intelligence, can properly complete almost any rescue mission. It’s the civilian political contingent that won’t allow them to make the necessary real-time mission decisions which then results in operators getting killed or ending in a failed rescue mission.

But the military gets blamed for the lack of mission success. The media also like to blame failed missions on faulty intelligence.

Good actionable intelligence can be hard to get and sometimes people have to get their “hands dirty” to extract it. Bad guys rarely just offer it up like a plate of hors d’oeuvres. This is especially true when dealing with terrorists.

We all want to remain safe, but as it may be better not to know how that steak gets to the grocery store shelf, it may be better if the public at large doesn’t know how the intelligence community can achieve that level of safety we all take for granted.

And then in come the Democrat politicians, wishing only to score cheap political points (or worse), ready and willing to sell out the intelligence community.

Josh Gerstein at Politico wrote: “The White House signaled Friday that it still favors going ahead next week with release of a long-delayed Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA interrogation practices many view as torture, despite indications of a last-minute move by Secretary of State John Kerry to put off the release due to concerns about possible retaliation against American forces and hostages overseas.”

You think? You think there might be “possible retaliation” from the release? And who are the “many” who view practices as torture? The U.N., Amnesty International, and professors at Columbia and UC Berkeley?

Is dressing up a terrorist in women’s underwear torture? Is subjecting them to a barking dog torture? Torture is what our enemies do to our guys!

Yet “The president has been clear that he wants the executive summary of the Committee’s report to be declassified as expeditiously as possible, and we welcomed the news from the Committee that they plan to do so next week,” National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said Friday afternoon in a statement to Politico. The precise timing is up to Senator Dianne Feinstein and the Committee.

Well thank heavens! It will be up to the trained intelligence expert Diane Feinstein. Hooray!

As usual, Rush Limbaugh had a good take on this whole mess. He said,

“If you boil this down to its essence, the Democrats are gonna release another report via a Senate committee, that they still run, on how rotten the CIA was, how bad our interrogators were, how mean we are, and how this is not who we are. And they’re gonna once again release a document that catalogs all the torture and all the abuse of all these Al Qaeda prisoners that we had captured on the battlefield.”

I agree with Rush that this is purely a political stunt, and it’s a darn shame that the Dems care more about gotcha politics than our safety and the safety of our people worldwide.

He also said that Feinstein wants to release this while she is still in charge and that “The Republicans are going to control the Senate, they’re gonna control the House, and the Democrats want as much chaos going on here and around the world as they can get.”

I can hear some now saying that “you can’t really believe that.” Well, yes I do, and I believe it is 100% accurate. The Democrats view everything through a political prism and how to achieve or maintain an advantage. It’s the only thing they care about. And too often, Republicans are clueless, always playing defense while giving into Democrat demands.

There is absolutely no purpose for a report like this to be released other than to damage America’s credibility and standing as the good guys.

But it’s quite natural for Obama and his minions to do something like this. For to them, we are not the good guys.

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