Democrats Setting Women Up for Rape

Last year during the election, the entire US, Democrats, Republicans and the media crucified Missouri Republican Todd Akin for his comments about legitimate rape.  He was villainized as being totally insensitive to women.

Akin, then a US Representative was running for the US Senate seat held by Democrat Claire McCaskill.  The negative media blitz launched against him was enough to get McCaskill re-elected, keeping another liberal Democrat in office.

Since the election, a number of Democrats have been talking about rape and offering ways for women to defend themselves against being physically violated.  Their ideas and suggestions have been prompted by the push for gun control and the disarming of America.  These progressives can’t bear the thought of giving women the right to obtain a conceal carry permit to allow them to carry a gun to protect themselves with.  Instead, they have suggested a number of completely ridiculous ideas for how a woman should protect herself from a would be rapist.

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Even Vice President Joe Biden got into the fray when he told women to buy a double-barrel .12 gauge shotgun, not to shoot the attacker, but to frighten him away.  In the video below, Biden describes how he has told his wife to take the shotgun if anyone is trying to break into the house, go outside where the intruder is and fire two shots into the air to scare the intruder away.  Hello?  How stupid can Biden be.  First he tells his wife to go outside the house to where the intruder is and then empty her shotgun by firing into the air.  So now he has wife standing outside the house with an empty shotgun and an intruder, who should realize that the gun is empty.  Joe Biden has just placed his wife in harm’s way, and with their house being in a somewhat secluded wooded area, there’s no one around to help her.

Other means of self-defense offered up by anti-gun bleeding heart liberals include:

  • Urinating on the rapist
  • Defecating on the rapist
  • Vomit on the rapist
  • Run to a safe zone
  • Use a call box
  • Use a whistle
  • Use the buddy system
  • Point your ink pen at them
  • Tell them you’re pregnant
  • Tell them you are sick
  • Tell them you have an STD
  • Pretend to have a seizure
  • Pretend to faint

 Looney Suggestions the Left Has for Women to Avoid Rape

My favorite is pretend to faint.  They are telling women to just lay there on the ground, which is exactly what a rapist wants in the first place.

And if some idiot thinks that a safe zone will protect a woman from being raped, they need to read what happened to Amanda Collins, a student at the University of Nevada.  She was raped at gunpoint in a gun free safe zone that was only 50 feet away from campus police.  Obviously the rapist paid no attention to the ‘gun free’ zone, or maybe he did.  He probably knew that any woman he found there would not be carrying a concealed weapon, so his chances of being shot were minimal.

Half of the suggestions made like using bodily fluids will mostly likely infuriate the rapist, causing him to get violent and cause more physical injury than he already has.

Next to wearing an iron chastity belt, a gun is the best form of defense a woman has.  Very few men are going to try anything when they’re looking down the barrel of a gun.  But Democrats don’t want you to have that option.  They would rather set you up to being raped than to give you the best opportunity to protect yourself.  I wish the millions of women that voted for Obama and Democrats across the land would have thought of this before they entered the polls last November.

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