Democrats Urge Sally Yates to Run for GA Governor in 2018

Sally Yates, the woman who was fired from being the acting attorney general due to her outright refusal to defend President Trump’s travel ban, is now being urged by democratic strategists to run of governor in Georgia, her home state. As a Georgia resident, I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!

She has stated that she’s not sure if she is ever interested in that possibility, but Democrats seem to think she would be a good candidate. Maybe it’s her inability to follow the law that leads to believe she would be able to successfully “lead” them.

Liberty Unyielding reports:

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Former campaign staffer for Barack Obama Tharon Johnson told The Hill that Yates has a stellar resume as far as standing up to the current administration:

Sally Yates’s calm and strong demeanor showed me she could be a great governor of Georgia. … Her bold resistance, and how she stood up to a president who ordered her to do something unlawful and unconstitutional, has catapulted her profile. She will have to give Georgians a really good reason why she’s not considering running for a constitutional office in 2018.

Yates hasn’t starting taking the steps necessary to run for statewide office.

“She hasn’t been out meeting with the people you have to meet with if you have these ambitions, and I know most of the ones that you have to meet with,” Former state president of the American Federation of Labor Richard Ray told The Hill.

Douglas Blackmon, Pulitzer prize winner,  wrote in recommendation of Yates in February, “One thing is certain: Sally Yates is as sterling and devoted a servant of the public as any American. President Trump would have been wise to listen to Sally Yates.”

I find it interesting that he described her as a “servant of the public” when she can’t even follow simple instructions.

“It strengthens her candidacy — the fact that she’s dealing with issues at a very high level, the fact that she’s gone toe-to-toe with some of the leading folks on the national stage. She can bring that gravitas to the local stage,” an unnamed Democrat said about the potential candidacy.

Unlike Ossoff, Yates actually has a record of publicly opposing the administration, and she also benefits from national name recognition, a benefit that Ossoff didn’t enjoy before House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi began hosting high-dollar fundraisers for the young Democrat in February.

Unfortunately, Governor Nathan Deal, Georgia’s current governor, is in his last term due to  term-limits, so he will not be able to run again in 2018. However, several Republicans have announced their candidacy, including:  Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, State Sen. Hunter Hill, and Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle.

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