Democrats Using Minorities and Poor as Political Pawns

This caught my attention. Hilario Yanez who “once praised President Barack Obama for his executive order that protected Yanez and hundreds of thousands of other illegal aliens from deportation, gave them work permits, and allowed them to attend American colleges and universities,” has changed his tune. Yanez recently stated that “Democrat leaders have ‘no clear message’ on immigration other than to ‘us[e] us as pawns.’”

Politicians have been using the poor as pawns for decades. Actually, they’ve been using all of us as pawns.

Some of the poorest and most rundown cities in the United States are run by Democrats. Since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society anti-poverty programs were put in place during the 1960s, trillions of dollars have been spent to lift people out of poverty. The needle has not moved. We still have millions of poor (some estimate it’s around 50 million) people trapped in the welfare web.

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Test scores among backs are down. Women having babies outside of wedlock have soared. Black-on-black violence has affected some of our nations largest cities. Food stamp recipients are in the 50 million range.

Leftist policies that have created the welfare-dependent society that we have today and Republicans often supported them for fear of being labeled “racist” and “anti-poor.” Wes Moore writes, “America has a shameful history of instituting policies that have put people into poverty and kept them there.” (Time) It’s unfortunate, however, that he advocates more of the same. “If the programs were only made better,” is what we often hear. Or, “If we just had more money.” The programs ARE the problem.

When economic and limited government principles are jettisoned in favor programs that have no sound economic base, the results will always be disastrous since the program builders cannot predict the unintended long-term consequences…


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