Dems Believe Ryan Must Live in Fantasyland to be a Viable Candidate

In the pre-debate setup by the pundits, they made it clear what Ryan was supposed to do to survive the onslaught of Joe Biden. Ryan was supposed to move into Fantasyland and pretend that he has always lived there.

The pundits are treating Ryan’s past budget proposals as if they are election-day poison. It is true that Romney’s budget is not Ryan’s creation, but that hardly means that Ryan is some kind of liability to Romney just because he has thought hard about these issues and tried to solve them. Yet Democrat after Democrat describes Ryan as some sort of “extremist” or “very” conservative. They all assume that he must “back away” from everything he has ever done to try to save the American economy from drowning in debt if he is to keep himself from hurting the GOP ticket.

It’s the Democrats that live in Fantasyland. In Fantasyland there is always enough money for everything we want. In Fantasyland, all generations of all people forever can depend on the Federal Government to take care of all their monetary and medical needs. In Fantasyland government benefits are never threatened by a shortage of money, a demographic headwind, or a shrinking economy. Students can always get free money for college.

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So there is an unshakable conviction that no candidate will ever make it into office unless he promises Americans that they can keep living in that fair country. The media are religiously devoted to Fantasyland, and regard any word spoken against it as blasphemy. The Democrats boast in discovering it.

But there are problems just over the borders of Fantasyland. The Greeks are rioting over austerity measures. The Spaniards are suffering a severe debt crisis and, as a result, there most productive region, Catalonia, is moving toward secession. And there are other dominoes in the Eurozone getting ready to fall.

Our own central bank, the Federal Reserve, shows every sign of going nuclear. We have trillions upon trillions of dollars we owe for coming Social Security and Medicare liabilities over and above the current national debt.

These and more are the fissures in Fantasyland. Eventually, maybe even now, voters will be able to see the cracks in the ground and feel the tremors. Democrats in politics and in the media will continue to pretend that voters will always side with the politician who promises to protect the government handouts, but that will only work as long as voters are convinced a politician really can protect the government handouts.

At some point voters are going to realize that Fantasyland is not real. Many of them have already woken up. And at some point, a person willing to deal sanely with budget realities is going to be the candidate who wins elections.

Voters will realize that Fantasyland isn’t real.

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