Dems Contraception Poster Girl Unwilling or Unable To Defend Her Position?

In February of this year, a Georgetown law student testified before Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.  Sandra Fluke spoke about the contraception mandate and women’s health.  She pleaded for the new mandate because of student’s suffering from lack of contraceptive coverage and how they suffer financially, medically and emotionally.

Following her testimony, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh referred to Fluke as a slut.  Although he later apologized, in fact he was right.  Anyone engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage is a fornicator and a slut.  However, the public main stream media virtually hung Limbaugh on a cross to crucify him for speaking the truth, while at the same time the same media vociferously defended Fluke and her defense of sexual promiscuity and fornication.  It didn’t take long before the media made Fluke a poster girl for the contraception mandate.

Fluke was brave enough to testify before a House committee where all she had to do was read a written statement.  There wasn’t anyone there to really challenge her or her morals.  Her next public appearance is scheduled for this week at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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However, before taking the podium at the DNC, Fluke and Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz were seen strolling through the Republican National Convention last Thursday, prior to Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech.  The two enemies of the GOP were reported to flit from media station to media station before making their escape. editor, Dana Loesch looked for Fluke at the RNC, but to no avail.  She has been tweeting at Fluke, trying to challenge her to a public debate over women’s health and contraception, but so far the debate challenge has gone unanswered.  Loesch is not surprised telling the Daily Caller:

“If Sandra Fluke is going to come here and talk about women’s issues, then why not talk to actual conservative women about women’s issues?  I mean, that’s the whole point. You can’t just come here and hold a press conference and not take any questions. You can’t just go on MSNBC and say whatever you want. Is she an advocate or propagandist? Which one is she? If she’s an advocate, she’s completely willing to have a discussion on the issues. Democrats don’t speak for women. They don’t speak for me. I would like to hear why she thinks she speaks for all women because she obviously does not.”

“She hasn’t shown any desire to listen to what conservative women have to say, why they’re happy with the Republican Party and why they are voting for Republicans.  She thinks that the Democrats have a patent on women’s issues? Here you have the Obama White House which has actual pay inequality and here you have the Obama White House which removed the sovereignty women have over their own body and then there’s this unelected board for Medicare that’s not regulated by HHS? Where is she on those issues if she’s such a women’s advocate.”

“I’m genuine.  I want a genuine discussion. I don’t understand why Democrat women — when they claim to speak for all women — why they’re stopping this very important discussion.”

“Is she afraid to be challenged on the ideas?  That’s what it signals to me is that she’s unwilling to actually engage in a conversation with real conservative women. Is it because she’s afraid and doesn’t have the strength of her own conviction? That says to me quite a lot. I’m willing to put it on the line, why isn’t she?”

In fact, Loesch believes that Fluke is not what she claims to be and just may be an Obama plant, someone the Obama administration recruited and created to help promote their liberal women’s health agenda.  Loesch explained:

“I don’t know of any other ‘private citizen’ who is represented by the Knickerbocker PR firm in Washington, D.C., which happens to be run by Anita Dunn, Barack Obama’s former communications director.  I don’t know any private citizen who just happens to have that affiliation. This was an entirely fabricated narrative from the Democrats and they needed a face to put on it and so Sandra Fluke was the face that they put on it. I want to know if she’s woman enough to come talk to me.”

Loesch’s claim makes sense to me as President Obama made up Julia to talk about women’s health and more recently he made up the lie that many Republican voters often agree with him.  When he was pushing Obamacare down our throats, he made up the lie that most Americans favored his healthcare plan when most polls indicated that 60% to 75% were against it.

I hope that Dana Loesch continues to pressure Sandra Fluke into a public debate.  If she is a true women’s health activist as she claims, then you would expect her to readily take up the offer, especially since she has finished three years of law school and may need the debating practice.  However, if she is a phone and an Obama creation, then there is no reason for her to accept the challenge as she knows she will be unable to defend herself and her liberal views.  Only time will tell.

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