Dems of a Feather Defy Law Together

Key members of the Democratic Party flaunt their constant defiance of state and federal laws.  President Obama is the top law breaker by ignoring federal immigration laws, ignoring the limitation of power given to him by the US Constitution and for over-stepping his authority in bypassing Congress on a number of issues.

Second in line for defying the law is US Attorney General Eric Holder.  His actions in the Fast and Furious scandal coupled with his lying to Congress are only part of Holder’s criminal resume.  Add to it his refusal to enforce federal immigration laws and his use of the DOJ to attack all of those that tried to do his job for him.  Holder has also instructed the DOJ not to enforce the Marriage Defense Act.  Then you have him vowing to fight voter ID laws that a majority of voters voted for and then blaming it on racial issues which is clearly a violation of racial profiling and discrimination laws.

Now add Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown to the list.

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Fifteen years ago voters in California voted to approve Proposition 209 to do away with affirmative action that is due to race and gender.  At the time of the election, it was proven that affirmative action was a form of race and sex discrimination which are both unlawful.

In 2008 California voters passed a constitutional amendment, Proposition 8, that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry.  Then California Attorney General Jerry Brown openly refused to enforce the amendment because he personally disagreed with it.  Much like US Attorney General Eric Holder has been doing of late.

Gov Brown has now joined in a lawsuit to overturn Proposition 209.  The lawsuit is currently in the hands of the most liberal federal court in the nation, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Proposition 209 guarantees that all applicants to the University of California system are treated the same.  Their applications are reviewed and weighed on equal grounds without any consideration of race or gender.

The proponents of Prop 209 claimed that giving such applications more favorable treatment because of race or gender was unconstitutional.  Opponents of Prop 209, including Gov Jerry Brown, believe that judging college applications equally on merit somehow discriminates against minorities.  Hence, they want to return to the practice that female and minority applicants are given preferential treatment over white males who may be far more qualified.

I have seen it in the Democratic Party platform, but evidently there must be something that says that Democratic leaders are above the law and can choose for themselves which ones to keep and which ones they wish to ignore and violate.  I’d say we should pass a law outlawing the Democratic Party, but then they’d just ignore that law too.

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