Denver Public Schools Seeking Illegal Aliens to be Teachers

As a parent, what would you think if your school district began recruiting illegal aliens to teach your kids?  How would you feel if you were a legal US citizen fully qualified to be a teacher and found out that you were turned down for a teaching job because it was given to an illegal alien?

The Denver Public School District just hired their first illegal alien to teach at their Denver Center for International Studies as Ford Elementary School.  Alejandro Fuentes Mena is now a fifth grade teacher at the school and he is not a US citizen nor does he have any legal paperwork that allows him to stay and work in the US.  He says that his parents came to the US illegally from Chile when he was four years old.

Their goal is to be the first school district in the nation to actively recruit teachers who were brought to the United States illegally and are given the status as ‘deferred action for childhood arrivals by the Obama administration.

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Why are they so actively recruiting illegals to be teachers?

Tom Boasberg, Superintendent of the Denver Public School District says that ‘undocumented immigrants’ make up 10%-20% of the student population.  Commenting on Mena, he said:

“These young men and women bring extraordinary talent to our classroom.  We have many, many kids whose stories are like Alejandro’s.”

“When they see the accomplishments of a young man like Alejandro and he’s their teacher with such ability and enthusiasm, I think he brings tremendous hope.”

First of all, I refuse to use the latest politically correct terms such as ‘undocumented immigrant’ of ‘deferred action for childhood arrivals.’  I call them for what they are, illegal aliens and if that offends anyone, too bad.  If they don’t like being called an illegal alien then they need to go back to their own country and re-enter the US through legal channels like millions of legal immigrants do.

This brings me to another point.  All of the bleeding heart liberals claim that it’s not the child’s fault and since they’ve lived here all their lives, they should be allowed to stay and be granted citizenship.  So I ask them what if a parent stole millions of dollars when their kids were very young and their kids grew up accustomed to a certain lifestyle, but when the kids become adults, authorities discovered that their wealth was stolen money.  Don’t authorities have the legal right to confiscate that wealth and return it to the rightful owner?

Shouldn’t the same be applied to illegals raised here in the US?  The actions of their parents were wrong and they have been living a lifestyle that they are not entitled to.  If people like Mena want to do the right thing, then when they turned legal age, they should have taken the responsibility to make themselves legal by working with the government.  Instead, they make demands and expect the rights of citizenship to be handed to them without them doing anything.

Currently there are around 20 million American citizens out of work.  Among them are a number of teachers.  Is it fair to give a teaching job here in the US to illegals while our own citizens are out of work?

I have a good friend from the UK.  When he was 20, he wanted to come to the US for three months to work in a non-profit ministry as a summer intern.  It took him months to obtain the proper legal visa status to finally be able to come here.  It took so long because the US State Department kept telling him that he could not come here and work in a field where there were qualified American citizens available to take the job.  The ministry had to write a letter stating that he was not taking a job away from a US citizen and that it was a special circumstance directly related to the fact that his father was the chairman of the board of the ministry’s UK branch.

But now the Denver Public School District is intentionally overlooking US citizens that are qualified for the teaching jobs in favor of hiring illegals that have no legal right to work or live in the US.  I have to wonder why teachers unions aren’t up in arms over this.  The teachers that belong to their unions are being bypassed for jobs that are being given to illegals.

As a last thought, remember in the 2012 presidential campaigns when Obama and Biden kept accusing Romney of outsourcing jobs overseas?  Obamas outsourcing jobs to millions of illegals here in the US.  He is preventing more Americans from getting jobs here in our own country than all of the jobs Romney supposedly sent overseas.  Isn’t this far worse than what they accused Romney of?  Talk about hypocrisy!

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