Department of Justice Bowing to Mecca

Since Obama lied his way into the White House, the US has increased its acceptance and favoritism to the Islam religion by at least a thousand fold over previous administrations.

Among the evidences for this statement are the actions of the Department of Justice and its people.

Pam Geller was conducting research for her new book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance, and filed a request with the DOJ for documents via the Freedom of Information Act. She narrowed her request parameters to a 5 year period of DOJ related activities to Muslim organizations, especially ones involved with terrorist activities.

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After submitting her request, Geller was shocked to hear that there were 14,100 documents that fit her parameters and the DOJ wanted over $1400 to cover the cost of printing them all.

Among the things Geller has learned is that one DOJ employee, Lema Bashir, who happens to be Muslim was responsible for the delay in mailing ballots to servicemen and women from Virginia in the 2008 elections. It also appears that Bashir made the same ‘mistakes’ in 2010 and again the mailing of military ballots were delayed. Being a devout Muslim, Bashir regularly refers to Israel as northern Palestine.

Geller also discovered evidence that Bashir was involved in the DOJ’s effort to convert a religious class into a racial one which would have to create majority Muslim legislative districts.

What really struck Geller was her discovery of just how involved the DOJ has become with Islamic supremacist groups in the US. She said it was far more extensive than anyone had realized.

But should we be surprised by the extent of the US Department of Justice’s involvement with Muslim extremists when we have one occupying the Oval Office?

I hope and pray that someone else can take over the White House next year and that one of the first things he or she does is to clean out all of the radical Muslims from the government, starting with the DOJ.

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