Department of Justice Finally Wins One

The Department of Justice has some difficult cases that it has racked up in the course of keeping Americans safe.

There’s the voter intimidation case involving the Black Panthers — who ultimately got away.

There’s the murder of the U.S. Border Patrol agent with a U.S.-supplied gun by a Mexican drug dealer — who so far has gotten away.

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There are the millions of cases involving people who have sneaked illegally into the country and taken advantage of our government’s generosity with taxpayer money — though most of them have escaped any penalty.

And of course there’s the big one, the case of the mysterious person or persons who faked a birth certificate and posted it on the White House web site. That suspect’s gotten away, too. …

Come to think of it, the DOJ seems to be down on its luck these days.

No matter. Eric Holder’s boys and girls can finally hold their heads up in public. They have at last successfully prosecuted a dangerous criminal — the kidnapper of President Obama’s Teleprompter.

You may recall the brief national nightmare when the Teleprompter — TOTUS, as it’s been dubbed — was declared missing after the theft of an unmarked federal equipment truck with TOTUS inside.

There’s nothing as sacred as the bond between a boy president and his Teleprompter. As you can well imagine, POTUS was lost without his TOTUS.

The Teleprompter was recovered, and on Friday, the villain who took the truck, Eric Brown of Virginia, pleaded guilty and accepted a sentence of seven years. That was four years longer than federal sentencing guidelines because Brown had some other, er, “stuff” in his past he didn’t want to be prosecuted for.

While not too many criminals walk into court and say, “Here I am, sentence me,” it’s still an important moral victory, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Roderick Young.

“The theft of government property is a serious offense,” said Young. “It’s all the more serious when the property belongs to the White House Communications Agency.”

It’s understandable that the DOJ would pull out all the stops when a member of the first family is involved in a kidnapping, whether it be POTUS, TOTUS, the first lady (FLOTUS), the kids (KOTUS), the dog (DOTUS) or Joe Biden (DOOFUS).

Maybe the DOJ’s new good luck streak will hold out and someone who knows something about whatever happened in Benghazi will walk into their offices. …

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