Department of Labor Honors Former Senator Who Rented Brothel, Associated with Communists and Let Mistress Drown

A former US Senator had a very checkered and questionable history is being honored posthumously by the Department of Labor.

Back in 1969, the young senator had attended reunion party at a friend’s house. The party consisted of a bunch of married men (except one) and six ladies known as the ‘boiler room girls.’ There was a lot of drinking and the heavily intoxicated senator left the party with a young woman. With the senator behind the wheel, the car went off a small wooden bridge and into a pond. The young woman was later found trapped in the car in seven feet of water. Somehow the senator managed to free himself while the young lady drowned. Even though the senator was driving drunk on an expired driver’s license, due to his family connections, the senator pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and was given a slap on the wrist in the form of a two month suspended sentence. Twenty years later, the foreman on the grand jury involved in the senator’s case confessed that they were pressured by a judge and prosecutor into allowing the upstart politician to walk away unscathed.

The senator not only survived the accident that killed his mistress, but he survived re-election a year later and went to serve in the US Senate for many more years. During his reign in the Senate, he made trips through Central and South America where he requested meetings with a number of communists. During his stay in Santiago, Chili, he rented a brothel for an entire night.

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There are other questionable things about the senator’s career but first let me share a little history. Rumor and common knowledge states that the senator’s father made his fortune during Prohibition by selling bootleg booze. This indicates that the family had little regard for the law and didn’t mind violating it when it met their needs, much like we see in Barack Obama.

With just a disreputable history, one would have to wonder why the Department of Labor is honoring former Sen. Edward Kennedy who passed away several years ago of a brain tumor. Evidently the decision to honor Kennedy was by a panel consisting of the Solicitor of Labor, the Assistant Secretary for Policy and the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management.

According to Thomas Perez, Secretary of the Department of Labor justified the decision to honor Kennedy, saying:

“Because no one understood better how the labor movement and the power of worker voice have sustained the middle class for generations in America. He didn’t live to see it enacted, but make no mistake about it: there would be no Affordable Care Act without Senator Edward Kennedy.”

In other words, Kennedy is being honored because he supported socialistic labor unions and socialistic health care. We really shouldn’t expect anything less from our socialistic government, should we?

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