Deportation As Successful as Bailing Out Sinking Titanic with a Bucket

Whenever I hear idiots like Barack Obama tell us that our borders are secure I equate it to the claims that the Titanic was unsinkable. If you recall, the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage when an iceberg ripped a long gash along the hull of the luxury liner. The hole in the hull was so long that it flooded too many sealed compartments for the ship remain afloat and it sank, killing over 1,500 unsuspecting passengers.

Think of the United States as the Titanic. For years we have heard that we are too strong and powerful to sink as a nation. Like the Titanic, the United States has a long gash along its hull. We share nearly 2,000 miles of border with Mexico and a large majority of it is unprotected, allowing a flood of illegals to pour into our country.

Without shoring up our entire border with Mexico, the flood of illegals will continue to pour in. Deporting illegals at this time would be like someone trying to save the Titanic by bailing out the water with a bucket. No matter how many buckets you have and how much you bail, the amount of water coming in is too overwhelming and the ship sinks. No matter how many illegals we deport, it’s not enough to stop our nation from sinking under massive influx of illegals over our miles of unprotected border.

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Currently, most of the illegals being deported are those with criminal records, but statistics are showing that these convicted illegals turn around and re-enter our country soon after being deported. In a recent sweep conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents of ‘dreamers’ whose delayed deportation status had lapsed, they found that about 25% of the illegals with criminal records they arrested had already been deported. These criminals had felony convictions for crimes like robbery, kidnapping, child pornography, manslaughter and rape. A number of them were also gang members.

Failing to secure our border and prevent these violent criminals from returning to our country over and over, Obama is placing the safety and security of the American people at risk. It doesn’t matter to him as he and his family are always surrounded by armed security. Ironically, Obama wants to strip all of us from having the ability to arm and protect ourselves like he is protected.

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe in deporting every illegal, regardless of Obama’s illegal delayed deportation programs. However, as long as our border is left open and unprotected, deporting illegals is more of an expensive exercise in futility and like the sinking Titanic, our nation is rapidly filling up with millions of illegals and it is already causing our nation to list and alter its course. If the borders aren’t secured soon, our nation will flounder and sink to the flood of illegals and there will be no way to recover.

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