Deporting All Illegal Aliens Will Fix America’s Economy

Let me ask you a question. Is it logical to allow millions of illegal aliens to live and work in the US when millions of American citizens are looking for work?

Despite what Obama tells the nation, the economic recovery is much slower than what is being reported. Americans are still losing their jobs and homes. Too many of them are still filing for bankruptcy. Middle class Americans are joining the ranks of poverty at a record pace and nearly one of every 4 Americans is receiving some kind of government assistance.

So here is my economic recovery plan for America – deport the 11+ million illegals back to their countries. How will that help, you may ask?

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First of all, it will stop the economic drain on local, state and federal governments. It will also stop the millions of dollars in free medical care that has caused the closure of a number of hospitals and urgent care centers along the US-Mexican border. It will greatly reduce crime in many parts of the nation, especially in the southwestern border states.  It will help communities clean up neighborhoods and increase property values.

More importantly it will free up millions of jobs for American citizens looking for work. Before you start arguing that many of the illegals hold important jobs that Americans won’t take, look at what happened in Alabama when they passed one of the toughest immigration laws of any state. One of their provisions levied hefty fines against employers hiring illegals, and that includes agriculture jobs.

Many of Alabama’s farmers said that without the illegals they would have no way to harvest their crops and it would financially ruin them. Yet, after the bill was passed, I never heard any news stories about acres of valuable crops left rotting in the fields because there was no one to harvest them. It seems that they fared okay after all.

After only two months of the enforcement of their tough immigration law, Alabama’s unemployment rate fell from 9.8% to 8.7%. That’s a huge drop in just two months and was directly attributed to the fact that hundreds of thousands of illegals left the state and employers were forced to hire American citizens.

So what happens when Americans start taking the several million jobs currently being worked by illegals? To begin with, they start feeding their families, paying for the roof over their heads and buying more goods in stores. In turn, this causes manufacturing, production, shipping and retail sales to increase. This results in more jobs to fill the increased demands for goods.

It also means more people will be buying houses, cars, appliances and traveling more. Again, all of these things help to spur the economy and the housing market and construction increases.

With more people working and buying, that also means increases in tax revenues for cities, counties, states and the federal government, eliminating the need for more tax increases.

Most important is that it helps get more people off the government handout rolls and gives them back their self-esteem. This in turn helps save many marriages that would otherwise split because of the toll that financial stress places on them. The more marriages that are salvaged, the more homes will have a father and mother which in turn generally leads to better adjusted kids who in turn are better students in schools and go on to be more successful adults in business.

I’m fully convinced that if our immigration laws were enforced, that America’s economy would turn around and make a huge recovery within a year. All it takes is a president who upholds the laws rather than the one we have that breaks the law every chance he gets. In my opinion, I don’t think Obama wants the economy to recovery, but that’s another issue.

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