Des Moines Baker Stands Up for Christian Faith

Hooray for Victoria Childress, owner of Victoria’s Cake Cottage in Des Moines, Iowa.

She recently had a lesbian couple come into her shop to order a wedding cake.  (I’m sad to say that Iowa passed a same sex marriage law in April of 2009.)  In an interview recounting the event, Childress said, “But at that point I just said, I have to tell you that I’m a Christian, and because of my Christian convictions I cannot do your cake.

Childress said she was polite and courteous to the couple and even recommended several other bakeries that would be willing to do their cake.  Afterwards, the lesbian couple said that they felt the incident was degrading.

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Not long after Childress turned away the business because of her Christian beliefs, she started receiving hateful messages from homosexuals and their supporters.  But what shocked her was that she also received a considerable amount of nasty and negative comments from other Christians who felt that she was wrong in the stand she took.

When asked how she felt about all of the negative response from Christians, Childress replied, “They need to read the Book of Romans…You know, Christ is very clear. We are either for him or against him; we’re not supposed to be lukewarm; we’re either hot or we’re cold.  And there was never a question in my mind how I was supposed to handle this, never — because he’s everything to me.”

Not to anyone’s surprise, homosexual groups and activists have threatened to take legal action against her, but as yet none has been filed.  What they have done is to launch a boycott of her shop which is okay with Childress as her business has actually picked up since the boycott began.

I truly applaud Childress for standing up for her Christian faith, especially in a lawsuit happy environment that has permeated the nation.  If the lesbian couple does file suit against her, I pray that one of the Christian legal defense groups would offer to defend her in court.

I urge everyone to pray for Victoria Childress.  Prayer is the greatest weapon and tool that Christians have.  The prayers of hundreds and thousands can help shroud a person with God’s grace and protection and something tells me that she will need every bit of it if this incident escalates into legal action.

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