Desperate Republicans Turn to Quotas to Attract Non-Whites

The Republican State Leadership Committee should consider changing its name because leadership is the last thing coming out of that panel.

A committee press release has announced that for the 2014 election, it has set a goal of recruiting 200 minority candidates across the country. The press release touts this as a doubling of its goals in the 2012 election.

That’s right, the Grand Old Party is adopting the liberal notion of racial quotas.

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Every time you think the Republican Party can’t lose any more, the so-called leadership comes up with another strategy to keep conservatives out of office.

By adopting old, failed liberal policies, the Republicans are volunteering their party for the same windowless office in the Capitol they’ve occupied for much of the past decade.

The irony is that the Republican Party was founded back in Lincoln’s day by a bunch of radicals who chafed at the institution of slavery and the arrogance of the southern Democrats who practiced it.

The history of the Republican Party is that of being on the right side of social justice. It’s always been the Democrat Party that has supplied the slave owners, the KKK members, the segregationists, the anti-suffragists, the anti-Christians, communists and Nazi sympathizers.

Now the leadership is doubling down on its imitation of the Left.

Why not? It worked so well in 2012, netting Republicans one Hispanic seat for all the millions of dollars spent backing some 125 Hispanic candidates.

It should be obvious, but let’s spell it out: You don’t win political support from voters by nominating people who “look like” some target group. You win support by listening to their needs, speaking to them intelligently about how you can help improve their situation and generally treating them like people.

And I would add that a good deal of educating needs to be done in our sound-bite culture to remind Americans of real history, like how the abortion industry was founded for the purpose of engaging in eugenics and how even now it disproportionately kills black and Latino babies, using taxpayer dollars.

Or how the economic situation of black families has deteriorated under Obama and the Democrats. Focus on rebuilding small businesses in non-white communities devastated by Democrat policies, which ultimately are just an extension of Democrats’ longstanding efforts to keep blacks “on the plantation.”

It’s long past time that the Republican Party resumes embracing its roots. It can start by tossing out all the country club RINOs like McCain and Boehner, and brain-dead fogies like Todd Akin who think that women are built with anti-rape laser defense systems or whatever. Then it can proceed to throw away all the liberal garbage and utterly rejecting Left-wing stereotypes and ideas at every opportunity.

The people will come around.

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