DHS Has No Clue How Many Syrian Refugees Arrived Last Year

There’s been a tremendous amount of controversy over the Obama administration’s plans on allowing thousands of Syrian refugees into America. Over half of the governors in the nation have told Washington that they refuse to accept Syrian refugees due to security and safety issues, especially after learning that one of the Paris terrorists entered Europe by hiding among Syrian refugees.

The Department of Homeland Security argues that they will have an effective vetting policy in place before bringing in more refugees from Syria. However, when questioned last week, a DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary told Congress that they have no clue how many Syrian refugees they allowed in last year.

Kelli Ann Burriesci found herself in the hot seat when being grilled by the House Subcommittee on National Security. Perhaps the chair had already been heated up because the subcommittee had asked for DHS Secretary Jeh Jonson to testify, but they sent Burriesci instead, which most likely riled some of the conservative members of the committee.

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Subcommittee members asked Burriesci how many Americans have traveled to Syria, how many traveled to Syria and returned, how many Syrian refugees have entered the country, along with questions about the Visa Waver Program. After failing to answer any of the questions, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) confronted Burriesci stating:

“Ms. Burriesci, I’ve asked you the number of Americans that have travelled to Syria — you don’t know; the number of Americans that may have travelled and returned — you don’t know; the number of Syrian refugees who have entered the country in the last year — you don’t know; the number of Visa Waiver Program overstays — you don’t know; the number of visa waiver overstays who may have been to Syria before they came here — you don’t know; and the number of American citizens on the no-fly list — and you don’t know.”

Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) added:

“At least some of the Paris bombers could’ve come into this country and we would’ve never known about it because of the Visa Waiver Program—that is a true statement?”

Rep. Steve Russell, (R-OK) further added:

“[W]e can’t even get good figures in an open hearing that would be round to the nearest hundred-thousandth.”

Mind you that this is a top ranking official in the government department that is telling us that they have a strong vetting program in place to help make sure that no Islamic terrorists enter the US by hiding among the Syrian refugees. It’s a clear demonstration of the total incompetency of the Obama administration along with their continued failure to protect America from terrorists. They refuse to secure the border and they have no clue who they are allowing into the country or whether or not they’ve been to Syria.

What good is the Department of Homeland Security when they obviously are incapable of enforcing any type of security to our homeland? It’s like putting a group of convicted felons in charge of stopping crime or making a member of the Mexican drug cartel the new drug czar.

If I were a governor, I would not only refuse to allow Syrian refugees into my state, but I would have members of the state National Guard stationed as every airport, interstate, bus and train station to turn back any attempts by the federal government to smuggle Syrian refugees into my state. I would use the Tenth Amendment to justify my actions since it gives States power and authority over the federal government. I would also do my best to get every county sheriff to join the efforts to keep Syrian refugees out of the state, remembering that the US Supreme Court ruled that the county sheriff is the supreme law enforcement of a county, even over federal law enforcement.

Obama’s desire to destroy our nation must be stopped by whatever methods possible.

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