DHS Targets Gun Owners in Training Video on Terrorism

Have you wondered why the Department of Homeland Security has purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammunition, some of which are hollow points that are deemed illegal to use in war by international law?  Or why have they purchased thousands of fully automatic assault rifles?  Why is Obama weeding out top military leaders and only keeping those who say they will fire upon Americans if ordered to do so?

Perhaps a recently revealed DHS training video will shed some light on the answer.  In the video, they show a mock raid and news report on a house with suspected terrorists.  The house is not occupied by Muslim extremists, radical bombers or a violent militant group like Obama’s own New Black Panthers.  They portray the home to be that of a militia group with illegal guns.

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They don’t define what ‘illegal guns’ are.  The video seems to have been produced either in 2009 or 2012 before any of the federal or state anti-gun legislation was passed.  Some states at that time like New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and Massachusetts, had strict gun control laws on the books, so was the training video referring to those areas only?

The answer is no.  This was a nationwide training video being used around the country to not only train DHS personnel, but other agencies that would be involved in a crisis situation.  The training has been used with local law enforcement agencies, media outlets and hospital administrators among others.

It seems the video purposely targeted gun owners and intentionally labeled them as militia groups and that all of their guns were illegal.  This is none other than straight forward government propaganda to make all gun owners look like terrorists.  It also revealed that even back in 2009, the Obama administration had their goal set to make guns illegal and to use DHS and other agencies to raid the homes of once legal gun owners.

The Obama administration may have suffered a setback on gun control, but they have too much invested to stop now.  Obama will start using executive orders to get some of the gun control measures into play and he will continue to push Congress to pass the rest.  Once they do, the scenario depicted in the DHS training video will become a reality in many cities across America.  When it does, I’m sure the streets of America will run red with the blood of loyal patriotic Americans and the law enforcement/military/DHS agents sent to take our guns.  May God help us when that time comes, and come it will.

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