Diane Sawyer Lies for the Obama State Department Liars

It was always obvious the regime was lying about the Benghazi attack, blaming a piece of video footage for a terrorist assault that killed our Ambassador and others. But the lie was bigger than that: There was no riot. There was no mass protest against anything — including against a YouTube video.

Even a cynic must be somewhat surprised. The most likely scenario until now was that the riot took place and the White House wanted to blame the protest for “getting out of hand.” It is amazing that the entire story was a lie. (And it obviously was a lie. What do you think? That with the resources of the CIA and the State Department that the Administration mistakenly thought there was a mass protest where there wasn’t one and there was no evidence of one? No, they made the whole thing up).

But that is not the worst of the story. The fact that we have suffered an unprecedented attack, the fact that our Middle East policy is a failure, even the fact that the Obama Administration lied — all of it takes second place to what we learn about our media.

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Watch the report from ABC on YouTube.

Notice how Diane Sawyer introduces the story: “Breaking news.” “New details.” “Just as we came on the air.” “Standing by with this late news is Jon Karl,” their “political correspondent.” Sawyer says everything possible to make viewers believe that investigations had uncovered new facts about the Beghazi attack. And then Jon, all excited about this “news” tells us that there are new “details” (like, you know, the entire news story as reported on ABC and everywhere else), and “this is significantly different than what we were told at the time.” The whole two minute drive-by is full of passive voice “we were told.”

Do you see what is happening? The news story here is that the State Department phoned up ABC and all their other media sources and lied through their teeth. The media dutifully reported this lie. Now, ABC has been called up (for all we know, the very same people are putting out the new story), and they spin it as if it were real news dug up by a real investigation. But it is really simply the reading of a new press release (or getting a new phone call and repeating it) on the air.

Diane Sawyer sees it as her job to spread the regime’s lies and then pretend that the discovery that we were deceived is really a story about “new information” about the attack on the consulate. The fact that she was used by the State Department to spread a lie doesn’t bother her at all.

Watch the video again. There she is, pretending to be on a news show, when she is really just a regime PR front. Her image, her looks, her serious expression, the concern in her voice — it is all an attempt to make us think we are learning something about what happened in Libya, when the real news is what is going on in the Obama White House.

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