Dianne Feinstein Carried a Concealed Gun

Gun grabber Dianne Feinstein has vowed to revive the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 that expired in 2004. She said on PBS that the Connecticut massacre was the straw that broke the camel’s back. But media reports claimed that the shooter left his “assault rifle” in the car, and that he was found dead with two handguns on him. This just raises more questions. Were there more shooters involved as the earlier media reports indicated? If he left the rifle in his car and didn’t use it, then why is this incident the “straw that broke the camel’s back?” Why is now the time to ban so called assault weapons?

After the Colorado theater shooting, she criticized 2nd Amendment advocates for saying that if there had only been a gun carrier in the theater, there would be far fewer deaths as a result. She retorted:  “And maybe you could have had a firefight and killed many more people. These are people in a theater.” So, her policy is strictly no guns for anyone because they might get misused even in the hands of law-abiding citizens. She would rather there be a massacre and wait 20 minutes for the police to show up to clean up the mess than having someone prevent the murders from happening.

Some are pointing out the irony (or is it hypocrisy) of Feinstein’s concealed carry permit that she obtained and the gun she carried. She gave her personal account about a terrorist organization that targeted her and her need to arm herself. She said in 1996:

 “I know the urge to arm yourself, because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. When I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick, I carried a concealed weapon. I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out I was going to take them with me.”

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 Well, that was then, and this is now. She claims she doesn’t have a concealed carry permit or carry a gun anymore. And I think she wants to make sure no one else does either.

A testimony of a Texas woman named Suzanna Gratia-Hupp in the mid-90’s bears repeating. She became a Texas state representative in 1996 after she testified around the country in support of concealed handguns that were previously against the law in Texas. Her testimony is a powerful story showing the importance of gun ownership and possession especially in the massacre situation that she was in that killed 24 including her own parents and injured 20:

Her last line sums it up well. Speaking to the panel of congressional representatives, she said, “The 2nd Amendment is not about duck hunting. It’s about our rights to protect ourselves from all of you.”

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