Did Barack Obama Intentionally Misidentify Former Boss to Hide Affiliation with Saul Alinsky?

So many things that come from Barack Obama are fiction that it’s hard to know when it’s real or when he’s lying again.  Case in point is his birth and background.  According to investigative reports, his birth certificate and Selective Service Card are both forgeries.  The only campaign example he can come up with to demonstrate his policies is a fictional girl named Julia.  The job creation figures in his campaign commercials are also fictional and in no way represent the real world.  The list of Obama fictions goes and on, but I would like to talk about one that has recently come to light.

In his supposed autobiography, Dreams From My Father, Obama talks about his time in Chicago when he became a community organizer in the 1980s.  In his book, Obama refers to his boss as Marty Kaufman.  However, New York Times columnist Maureen  Dowd identified Obama’s boss as Jerry Kellman.

Kellman was responsible for hiring a young Barack Obama to work for the Developing Communities Project (DCP) in Chicago.  At the time, Kellman was the chief of DCP and hired Obama to be the director and lead organizer for the organization.

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So one would wonder why Obama referred to Jerry Kellman as Marty Kaufman in his book?

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Kellman was trained or schooled by Saul Alinsky.  Those of you that are nor familiar with Alinsky, he is reported to be a community organizer and author of Rules for Radicals.  Although Alinsky never officially linked himself with any political party or ideology, many of his views were socialistic in nature.

It seems that Obama was a perfect fit for Kellman and his Alinsky training.  Quoting from David Maraniss’s book, Barack Obama: The Story, Dowd reported that Kellman described a young Barack Obama as,

“He was not unwilling to take risks, but was just this strange combination of someone who would have to weigh everything to death and then take a dramatic risk at the end. He was reluctant to do confrontation, to push the other side because it might blow up – and it might. But one thing Alinsky did understand was that within reason, once something blows up, to a certain degree it doesn’t hurt, it helps.”

With the influence of Alinsky, Obama also had opportunity to deal with terrorist Bill Ayers while working at DCP.  Bill Ayers’ father, Thomas Ayers had founded Chicago United and Alliance for Better Chicago Schools (ABC).  Ayers senior brought Obama on board with ABC since he was the DCP organizer at the time.

It makes me wonder about Obama and his thinking when he tries to hide some of his past links to radicals such as Alinsky and Ayers and then turn around award the prestigious Medal of Freedom to a well-known socialist.  His actions are inconsistent and devious, both signs of a person that cannot be trusted with anything important, especially the United States of America.

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