Did Chief Justice Roberts Open Door for Unemployed Americans to Sue Illegals?

I’ve been contending for years that illegal aliens steal jobs away from American citizens. Illegal advocates deny this happens but tell that to unemployed carpenters who can’t get a job because builders hire illegals for less pay. Tell that to someone who can’t even get a warehouse job because illegals work for less and get paid cash under the table.

I tell them I’ve seen it first-hand where Americans couldn’t find work because of illegals taking the jobs. Then I point them to what happened in Alabama when the state passed strict immigration laws that could cause businesses to pay high fines or even lose their business licenses. Advocates for illegals warned Alabama would see their unemployment rate skyrocket, but in fact it dropped by 1.1% in the first two months of the law being enacted.

If I’m right and illegals do steal jobs away from American citizens, then is there any legal action that unemployed Americans can take against illegals? At first I would say probably not until I read what Chief Justice John Roberts asked an Obama administration attorney and now I’m not so sure.

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While hearing arguments in the Spokeo v. Robins case, Roberts queried Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart, the federal attorney, with the following hypothetical question:

“Let’s just kind of say your Congress thinks that the president is not doing enough to stop illegal immigration, so it passes a law that says, ‘Anyone in a border state ­­…­­ who is unemployed may bring an action against an illegal immigrant who has a job.’ And they get damages. And maybe they get an injunction.”

“Can Congress do that?”

Stewart responded:

“Well, I think there would be a couple of different problems with that. The first would be that there may be some ­­… legal issues that Congress can’t simply delegate to private enforcement — like the criminal law, for instance.”

Noticing how Stewart avoided answering his question, Roberts pressed on, asking:

“Yeah, we’re talking about [a situation in which] Congress says, ‘Well, these people who are unemployed illegal immigrants have jobs. [People] should be able to sue to stop that. Because, you know, Congress thinks the president isn’t doing enough.”

Roberts’ hypothetical question has taken many by surprise. They are wondering if he has intentionally given Congress something to consider or not. No one knows if Roberts was just speaking off the cuff or if he had an ulterior motive, but be certain that some conservatives are most likely looking into the idea spoken by top judge in the land.

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