Did Google Cover Up the Muslim Angle on Latest French Terror Attack?

By Andrew West at Constitution.com

If we dig down deep enough, there may still have been a bit of cynicism remaining in the hearts of Europe’s bleeding heart liberals, particularly those entrenched within the EU’s upper ranks.

The European Union, having long shed its pathetic disguise and revealed its globalist underpinnings to the world decades ago, has blood on their hands.  And, no, I don’t mean that in some roundabout, 6 degrees of Emmanuel Macron sort of way either.  

I mean very literal blood on their figurative hands.

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Terror has been running rampant on the continent for years thanks to a deadly combination of liberal missteps along the path to globalism – an ethos that is itself a misstep.

One of these massive issues bearing down on the European people is the incredible influx of Syrian refugees amassing upon the continent.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with Syria or its people, the EU has pushed to mandatory refugee quotas in member nations at rates that have forced member nations to forego regular security measures at the border.  This means, without any argument, that ISIS and other radical Islamic organizations have been invading Europe posed as Syrian refugees.

Now, as if there was any reason for the cynicism of the EU liberal elite to remain, the latest terror attack that left three dead in France has provided an undeniable proof of connection.

An Islamic State fanatic who was well known to the French security services murdered three people today before being gunned down himself by special forces police.

The 25-year-old Moroccan screamed his support for the terrorist group as he carried out the killings around the South West town of Carcassonne, while also seriously wounding two others.

He also shouted: “You’re bombing Syria, you’re going to die” and said he wanted the notorious Isis terrorist Salah Abdeslam freed from prison.

The gunman was named as Redouane Ladim by Interior Minister Gerard Collomb.

Worse yet – the liberal media magnate Google appears to be censoring the Syria connection in this incident, as if to back up the EU’s erroneous migrant mandate plans.  Check out the search results below for “ISIS France Syria” versus “ISIS France”:

Now why on earth would the addition of the word “Syria” relegate that second search to having no news articles?

Could it be that the Google liberal overlords are trying to protect the European Union’s claim that their Syrian migrant plan is handing murderous terrorists keys to their cities?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Google has pulled a stunt like this, having famously been outed as censoring autocomplete search results regarding Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 election.