Did Liberal Left Persuade Judge to Reverse Herself and Dismiss Student’s Free Speech Lawsuit?

Four years ago, Monica Pompeo was sitting in a classroom at the University of New Mexico watching a lesbian-themed film. Then she was asked to write an essay about the film. In her essay, she stated that homosexuality was perverse. The professor took offense to her essay and told her to re-write it. In the margin of her essay, the professor wrote:

“Why is attraction to the same sex perverse? This is a strong statement that needs critical backup. Otherwise it’s just inflammatory.”

When Pompeo refused to stand down from her critique of the video and homosexuality, she was kicked out of the class. She turned to the courts and filed a lawsuit against the professor and university claiming that her First Amendment right of free speech had been violated.

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The university disagreed and asked the court to dismiss the case, but Judge Christina Armijo denied the request to dismiss. Then right before this past Christmas, Armijo reversed her ruling and dismissed the case. In reversing her original ruling to deny the request to dismiss, the judge stated that she had ‘erred’ the first time in not reading Pompeo’s essay and not reading the professor’s response to the essay.

Linda Harvey, Founder of Mission America, said that she strong suspects that someone got Judge Armijo and persuaded her to change her mind on this case, noting that it was obvious that the professor took personal offense to Pompeo’s criticism of homosexuality. She also commented that this is proof that the Left is ‘excessively insecure’ about their own beliefs and lifestyles.

It also demonstrates just how powerful the perverse Left has become. They have no problem spewing out their own hostility and verbal abuse against normal straight people and Christians, but when anyone says anything against their sinful lifestyle, they are quick to scream and complain and often silence their critics. Sadly, the courts are siding with them generally ruling that it’s okay for anyone from the Left to denounce the lifestyles and opinions of others but it’s not okay for others denounce them and point out their sins. Evidently their First Amendment rights trump the First Amendment rights of anyone who opposes them.

This is an example of Selective Allowable Discrimination (SAD) that I wrote about last week which I defined as:

“…the practice of allowing discrimination of a selective group while banning discrimination of opposite groups.”

Generally SAD works against conservatives, Christians and patriotic Americans. It works for liberals, atheists, Muslims, homosexuals and other sinful perverse groups of people. America has turned a 180 degrees around on the principles that made our nation great and the result is a nation of moral decay and on the verge of collapsing from within. It is a very SAD day for America.

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