Did Obama’s Backers Buy or Threaten Silence of Republican Senator?

Ever since Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Mike Zullo held their first press conference this past March detailing evidence on the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate, they have been baffled by the lack of Congressional interest into the greatest hoax in American history.

In early August, there was a glint of hope that one U.S. Senator was going to review the information.

At an August 7, 2012 town hall meeting with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), one of his constituents, Mike Booth, asked Coburn to contact Sheriff Joe and look into the evidence he compiled proving that Obama’s birth certificate and Social Security Number were forgeries.  Sen. Coburn promised he would contact Sheriff Joe and look into the matter.

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Mike Zullo was contacted by Coburn’s office and documented the call.  Zullo told WND:

“I was initially contacted by Ken Ashton, an aide to Sen. Coburn in Sen. Coburn’s Washington office, on Sept. 4.  I provided Ashton at his request, an overview of the sheriff’s investigation, focusing on the document fraud.”

“I told Ashton that it would be appropriate for Sen. Coburn to contact Sheriff Arpaio directly to fulfill the commitment Coburn had made to his constituents.  I explained Sheriff Arpaio was prepared and looking forward to answering any questions Coburn might have.”

After a period of two weeks went by with no attempt to contact Sheriff Joe directly, Zullo received another call from Ashton and again told WND about it saying:

“I told Ashton that Coburn should speak directly to Sheriff Arpaio, because the sheriff had to make the decision to release evidence from the investigation.”

“I specifically pointed out to Ashton he would not be able to use his phone call to me as a substitute for Sen. Coburn talking directly to Sheriff Arpaio.”

“At the conclusion of the phone call, I felt Coburn’s office was attempting to use Ashton’s phone call as evidence that Coburn contacted the sheriff’s office, when the truth is Coburn never contacted Sheriff Arpaio, and Coburn never requested any evidence be provided to him for his inspection.”

“Ashton was trying to create the illusion that somehow the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office had not provided Sen. Coburn with any credible evidentiary information, even though Ashton never requested to see the evidence.”

“Even if Ashton had requested to see the evidence, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office would not blindly send out the evidence without first requiring Sen. Coburn to talk with the sheriff so the sheriff could make a determination whether or not it was appropriate to release the evidence to the senator’s office.”

“The truth appears to be that Sen. Coburn has no serious interest in conducting an honest evaluation of whether or not Obama’s birth certificate is genuine, or the computer-generated forgery we have concluded the document is.”

So this causes me to ask two questions:

1.  Did Sen. Coburn outright lie to his constituent in front of a crowd?

2.  Did Sen. Coburn really intend to look into the matter and then was threatened or bought off by Obama’s wealthy and powerful backers?

Back in April I reported on story that Bill Clinton was silenced in 2008 on Obama’s birth issue because the life of his daughter Chelsea had been threatened.  Prior to that threat, Clinton was one of the most vocal birthers in nation and suddenly he shut up and never mentioned it again.

Ask yourself why, with all of the evidence presented by Arpaio and Zullo showing that Obama’s birth certificate, Social Security Number and Selective Service Registration Card are all forgeries, that not one politician, Republican or Democrat, is looking into the matter?   Have they all been threatened by Obama’s mysterious handlers?  Are they are running scared?  Or have they all been bought off with some promise of money?

Why has Obama spent $3 million to seal and hide his college records?  Why has he forced the state of Hawaii to seal and hide his birth records?  Why isn’t anyone Capitol Hill asking these questions when several million Americans are?

Who and or what is really behind Barack Obama and calling the shots?  It has to be someone or group that has unlimited money and unlimited power to be able to perpetrate the greatest fraud in the history of mankind and literally steal a nation away from its people.  Indeed these are scary times being controlled by hidden and scary people.

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