Did White House Hold Lerner Emails to Clean Them From Implicating Obama?

The web of deceit and lying continues to grow concerning the IRS targeting scandal. The question is who is at the heart of spinning the monstrous web?

At first everyone involved denied any targeting of tea party and conservative groups ever took place. Only after enough evidence surfaced was the scandal acknowledged, but in typical fashion, everyone denied their involvement and eventually pointed their fingers at IRS Supervisor Lois Lerner.

When investigators started their searches, it was suddenly disclosed that all of Lerner’s emails had been lost due a convenient computer crash. Supposedly none of her emails were backed up due to a contract issue with the company responsible for backing up the IRS computers. Kind of makes you wonder how safe all of your personal information is that the IRS has in their system, doesn’t it.

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Investigators were not satisfied being told that all was lost and started doing their own digging and it didn’t take long before they found thousands of Lerner’s supposedly missing emails. They more they dug the more they found and now learn this week that 6,400 more Lerner emails tied to the scandal have been found. After the discovery of the latest treasure trove of emails had been announced, the IRS once again had egg on their face and released a statement, saying:

“[The discovery was] an encouraging development that will help resolve remaining questions and dispel uncertainty surrounding the emails.”

I can’t help but wonder if the thousands of emails weren’t lost to begin with, but were being carefully cleaned up to protect those who were truly behind the scandal. Were the emails being cleaned to protect Barack Obama and were only ‘discovered’ after they have been scrubbed clean?

No one has yet answered the question as to why then IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman was the most frequent visitor to the White House among Obama’s Cabinet members? In the days leading up to the targeting, Shulman was at the White House 157 times when the next most frequenting Cabinet member, Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank made only 86 visits. His top henchman, the Attorney General Eric Holder, only made 62 visitors in the same time period.

Why was Shulman at the White House so often? What were he and Obama talking about if not for the intention to target and harass Obama’s opponents. I strongly suspect that no evidence will ever be found to implicate Obama, since his ‘people’ have had months to scrub and clean anything that could be used against him and he’ll get away free and clear while Lerner, who most likely was just following orders, will be the scapegoat and convicted of everything.

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