Dietary Security Administration (DSA) Coming to a Community Near You?

California is well known for its extremely liberal lifestyle and politics.  They are a haven for nuts, fruits, flakes, idiots and morons (and that’s just describing their politicians and judges).

Many liberal Democrats in the state want to be rid of governmental rules and restrictions.  They want their freedoms to do what they want, when they want and where they want.  They want freedom from religion or having to tolerate hearing or seeing anything about Christianity.

In light of all of the liberal philosophy that permeates through the political hallways of the Golden State, one has to wonder why that same political system goes to such extremes to regulate some of the more mundane things in life that government shouldn’t really be involved in such as our diets and eating habits.

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Only a month ago, San Francisco and several other communities took it upon themselves to be the diet police when they passed an ordinance banning the fast-food industry from including a free toy with kids’ meals.  I felt that McDonald’s had a great idea to offer the toy for only ten cents.  I would have probably made it one cent to really make a statement to the local food police.

Now, Novato, California has joined the food police mentality of liberal politics by passing an ordinance banning ice cream trucks from passing by or stopping within 1,500 feet of a public or private school during school hours.  City officials involved in the ruling claim that the action was necessary to promote healthier foods and as a matter of public safety.

The public safety issue has to do with kids in the street when the ice cream truck has stopped, but some are pointing out that the ice cream trucks are designed so that the kids line up on the sidewalk and not the street.

What’s the difference in having an ice truck stop near a school or having a corner 7-11 next door where kids can buy other junk food items?  Are they going to start regulating that also?

With this type of mentality and government over-regulation of our lives, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more cities, states and even the federal Obamanation outlawing all vending machines, and fast food joints that only sell fatty foods like hamburgers and fries.  I can see them establishing a DSA (Dietary Security Administration) and place food scanning stations (like airport TSA scanning stations) in front of ever grocery store checkout line to monitor what we all eat.

George Orwell’s Big Brother is becoming more of a reality every day.

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