Difficult Yet In Need Of Answering

By Jim Bowman

America’s current dysfunctions are best framed with the question; is this the same government which opted to lose when victory was at hand in Vietnam; yet is now unable to silence these rousing democrat tantrums due to a long ago and settled Presidential election?  Or is this just a manufactured opportunity of a ‘crisis’ “not to be wasted?”

There is no logical way, given the elapsed time, that America could nose dive into her present disgruntled state without coaching.  Her WWII success was short lived when Korea erupted.  In response, a “give ‘em hell Harry” committed America’s military under a United Nation’s authorization.  This Presidential first directly violated the Constitutional mandate for a declaration prior to engagement and sadly previewed later action by LBJ who publicly pledged, “none of our boys will die on foreign soil.”

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Aside from questioning the “what” could have led Truman to such an unorthodox act, how was it that the war weary American public allowed this mischief to proceed at a time when this necessitated WWII veterans being recalled for additional combat duty?  This piercing question digs even deeper when the recall of WWII veteran Ted Williams is compared to that later day draft refusal of Mohammed Ali!  Today, our public fails the test when judging which athlete received his just praise and/or adoration. In short, Ted who?

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Ironically, the above sports figure example points to a major shift from WWII patriotism and love of country to the ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude during the Vietnam years.  This later day ‘me first’ attitude was again validated when the just elected, and former Annapolis graduate, Jimmy Carter took office.  Insultingly, on his first day in office, amnesty was granted to all who fled to Canada rather than reporting when drafted.

Events since WWII have traced a very unusual and different path for America.  This review is best served with a dose of skepticism so that we can examine why this continuing anti-Trump uproar is both youthful  and unending but certainly out of touch with the President’s current economic state and low unemployment numbers. Again, hidden coaching might be rearing its ugly head, mostly from frustration since the 2016 election results have detoured America’s programmed slide into submission.

To some, this may strike as being an over-the-top assessment, however, what explains Truman ignoring his Constitutional mandate of declaring war and what excuse could there be for another President to smear the sacrifice and memory of almost 60,000 American lives when issuing amnesty?  Just how would our table be set up for this limited debate, that is, if such an uneasy inquiry would ever be considered?

Pertinent during this period of discontent and upheaval, is the fact that these difficult queries are mounting up, especially so when the elements of hypocrisy and contradiction are added to the mix.

Practical to any understanding is the ‘one at a time’ effect, and the gradual change it produces without any appreciable notice.  So many events have been left unattended or forgotten on the public’s withering vine; a vine that formerly was alive and nurtured with minds seeking truth and understanding.

Previous to WWII, another Presidential side step stands out and certainly so when based upon its influence and acceptance.  Woodrow Wilson, the darling of PrincetonUniversity, uttered something about “making the world safe for ‘democracy’”  Somehow, ‘democracy’ captured American acceptance through its repetitive usage and in turn, citizens began to dismiss any notion of a Constitutional Republic.

The tragedy of such irresponsible chatter is that today, Americans have generally adopted this Wilsonian falsehood.  To underline the degree of deception involved with the turning of loyal citizens, a training manual (No. 2000-25) for US military personnel, prior to WWII, when the Department of Defense  was called  the ‘US War Department,’ this manual explained the difference between America’s Republican form of governing and the dreaded ‘democracy’ model.

To quote from No. 2000-25, democracy “results in mobocracy,” “Attitude toward property is communistic – negating property rights.”  “Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate…”  Its pre WWII abrupt elimination of its truthful instruction clearly points to an alternate agenda and/or hidden influence at work.

And that last tidbit, “the will of the majority” is a current chorus within today’s trendy democrat lexicon.  Especially since 2016!  Not only was Clinton robbed, based upon the ‘popular vote,’ that infamous weather thermometer, Al Gore, met the same Electoral College fate.  So, out of the long ago mouth of Woodrow, a growing but ignorant chant is now calling for the winner of popular vote totals, replacing our current Electoral system.

I stray but this pattern doesn’t.  Nurtured in the weeds of falsity, generations are being filled with this sense of being so sure of what they don’t know.  There is no way to avoid this reality; just as the Dept. of Defense abruptly changed that training manual, so did the Dept of Education stray from their ABC rudiments!  This knowing of the unknown is fertilizer for the heightening of emotionalism, which in turn eliminates the curiosity which this piece should encourage.

Like it or not, America was being fed with what was deemed proper for her continued decent; that is until a joke, a TV celebrity caused humorous retorts and  reactions in the world of political/journalistic commentary when Trump first bellowed his call of “America First.”  Given our misplaced thinking and the fluttering of our compassionate heart strings, is there any wonder as to why democracy and Mohammed Ali are today’s accepted models?  Ted who?

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