Discrimination Against Homeschooler Overturned

In today’s liberally run America, the only people you are allowed to discriminate against are whites, Christians and homeschoolers.

A former co-worker heard the same thing from a geology instructor, only this professor said that he would never allow any of his students to get a geology degree if they believed in creation.

I once spoke to a lady who said her history professor said she would fail anyone who believed that America was ever a Christian country founded on Christian principles.

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About 7 years ago, I applied for a position as an online biology teacher for a major online college program. Everything was going great and the job seemed to be in hand until they found out that I got my Master of Science degree from a fully accredited Christian graduate college that teaches biblical creation. Suddenly I was told that they were not interested in hiring me. A friend of mine who went to graduate school with me was also turned down from several schools’ doctoral programs because he got his Master’s degree from the same Christian school I got mine from.

I’ve spoken to a number of people who were refused admission to various universities because they were homeschooled. It didn’t matter how good their grades were or that they had high scores on college entrance exams, all that mattered to the schools is that they were homeschooled.

We’ve already seen dozens of examples of how Christian business owners have been intentionally discriminated against by atheists and gay rights activists.

It seems that everyone can discriminate against us, but we’re not allowed to discriminate against them.

Sadly, a young woman almost lost her dream of attending the University of California at Santa Cruz because of the same discrimination described above. When she first applied for admission, she was accepted. Then her admission was rejected because she was homeschooled.

According to a report from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), here is what happened:

“The university reversed its admission of the graduate and insisted that any future application include an official high school transcript from the California Board of Education. However, the California Board of Education does not issue transcripts because it lacks the authority to do so.”

“In the state of California, homeschools operate as private schools. Private school personnel are authorized to issue transcripts for all students enrolled in their private school. Public schools do not have any authority over the activities of private schools, including the issuance of transcripts.”

“The graduate’s mother contacted our legal department right away, and our attorney for California, HSLDA President Mike Smith, fired off a letter to the school explaining that no such transcript was needed under state or federal law. In addition, the student sent a letter appealing the university’s decisions.”

Once HSLDA got involved, UC at Santa Cruz admissions personnel again reversed their decision, finally admitting the homeschooled girl to study at their campus. What’s sad is not only did she have to go through this ordeal and have her dream shattered, but that many others just accept the discrimination and walk away without fighting. The more Christians and homeschoolers walkaway, the braver schools will be in discriminating against others like them.

Christians and homeschoolers need to do what this girl and her parents did and get one of the many Christian legal agencies involved and fight for their rights. They need to stop letting liberals walk over them. They’re nothing but gutless bullies that will back off once they get their nosed bloodied and it’s time we start bloodying a few more noses and stand up for our constitutional rights!

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