Disgraced Newsman Dan Rather Happy that Attack on Judge Kavanaugh a Modern-Day ‘Borking’

Appearing on CNN, disgraced CBS newsman Dan Rather seemed encouraged over the “Borking” of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and proved that he has never understood the inevitable backlash when people begin to realize that the left is lying.

Rather, who was ousted from his news anchor position after pushing a story based on lies, told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo that the attack on Brett Kavanaugh was no less than character assassination and he likened what is going on now to what happened to two other Republican-nominated judges, Clarance Thomas and Robert Bork. “And what this is about, as was the case with the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas time, as well as the Bork hearings in the mid-1980s, was all about,” Rather told Cuomo.

But, as Newsbusters noted, Rather also showed that he simply doesn’t understand why people rally to the side of an accused figure when they begin to notice that the Democrats are lying about thatperson. “I didn’t understand it at the time, and I’m not sure I understand it now is the honest answer,” he said of Thomas who has since become a beloved figure by many.

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Rather went on to hint that he hopes the fact that we have more women in positions of power in Washington that Democrats can successfully destroy Kavanaugh:

But Chris, we’re not just in a different planet now, we’re in a different cosmos. At the time of the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas thing, there were two women in the United States Senate. Today, there are 23, maybe 24. The #MeToo movement didn’t exist at the time. So while some comparisons can be made, don’t make too many comparisons because a different time, different situation.

He went on:

“Do we prioritize power, or do we prioritize justice,” he opined after declaring it a “watershed moment” for the country akin to the civil rights movement or women’s suffrage. “Now, that’s not pre-judging anything in this Kavanaugh case,” Rather disingenuously said. “It is sort of emphasizing why we need the hearings, why the hearings need to be open hearings.”

This is how Democrats lie with such ease. At the start he calls the destruction of Kavanaugh “prioritizing justice” over his confirmation, which he thinks is “prioritizing power,” and then out of the other side of his mouth he says we shouldn’t “pre-judge Kavanaugh.” The gall! He just DID pre-judge Kavanaugh by characterizing his confirmation as a naked exercise of power over justice!

Then Rather warned that this so-called “victim,” who has made these unsubstantiated allegations, is going to be victimized farther by the process: “[S]he may be a very accomplished college professor, but she is walking into a room in which she’s going to be roughed up. She’s going to be — attempts will be made to humiliate her,” Rather exclaimed.

SHE is the victim? No, Kavanaugh is the victim. A victim of a naked political ploy and a victim of the politics of personal destruction.

Clearly Dan Rather has already convicted Kavanaugh, truth be damned.

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