Disgusting: Georgia College Students Take a Knee

The “take a knee” protest is finally hitting close to home, as a local college in my community is facing the disrespect on their own property.

Kennesaw State University first saw the protest when five cheerleaders knelt during the national anthem. The students were allegedly threatened about losing their scholarships for the disrespect.

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Friday night, during homecoming festivities, many more students took a knee as well.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports:

During a lip sync competition on the Marietta campus, one group, the Ladies of Distinction, carried signs and took a knee on stage.

Ladies of Distinction member Barbara Menser said, “This is bigger than KSU, this is bigger than this school, we’re trying to make an impact on the entire United States of America.”

During the games after the cheerleaders took a knee, the cheerleaders were not allowed on the field until after the National Anthem.

Solomon Thomas is a student and a US Marine. He said the cheerleaders should be able to express their opinions.

“It was their opinion, and although not everyone believes in that, it was wrong for higher-ups to say no you can’t do that,” said Thomas.

Brianna Winters said she understands why her fellow students are protesting, but can also see the University’s point of view.

Winters stated, “I see why Kennesaw wants to keep them off the field, but I also understand they have the right to protest.”

Correct, they do have the right to protest. However, they can take away their scholarships, especially if they’re sports scholarships. The school is a private business and sports are an extra curriculum activity. Aka not mandatory. If you want to be a part of something like that, you follow their rules or you lose your spot. If they’re kicked off the team, no more sports scholarship. Simple as that.

Essentially, being on the team is similar to being an employee. You can be fired for protesting on the job!

Dae Rogers, who is also a member of the Ladies of Distinction, said she doesn’t see the protests ending anytime soon.

“We’re excited it’s getting the attention it deserves we hope as we continue to do this, it’s seen for what it is,” said Rogers.

According to university officials, cheerleaders will be kept off the field until after the national anthem has played.

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