Disgusting! Illegal Rapes and Impregnates Daughter to have “Anchor-Baby”

What a disgusting pice of trash! An illegal alien was charged with raping and impregnating his teenage stepdaughter in order to have an “anchor-baby,” which he believe would prevent his sorry behind from being deported.

Breitbart reports:


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Horacio Alvarado has been charged with three separate felonies which include: first-degree sexual assault resulting in pregnancy, sexual assault of a child, and incest. The 32-year-old should have also been charged for being in our country illegally and conspiracy for trying to cheat the system.

An anchor baby is a term used to describe the child of an illegal alien, as the U.S. grants birthright citizenship to any child born in the country. Illegal aliens, through having children in the U.S., are able to anchor themselves in the country but are not exempt from deportation by federal immigration officials.

According to police, Alvarado is accused of first-degree sexual assault resulting in his stepdaughter’s pregnancy, sexual assault of a child, and incest.

The victim, police say, came forward about the sexual assaults and pregnancy after being sexually abused since she was 14-years-old by Alvarado. The victim described the abuse as incidents that would take place at her family home when her mother was either at work or asleep.

The sorry excuse of a man would drive the 17-year-old girl to random parking lots and even his friends’ houses so that he could sleep with her.

What makes it even worse is that the girl’s mother was aware of the assault on her daughter but did absolutely nothing to stop it. She even walked in on him raping her daughter and did not stop it!

She deserves to be charged as well!


These are the kinds of people that liberals want to allow to walk freely into our country.

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