Dismemberment Abortion Humane – Abortion Attorney Tells Congress

Imagine having a leg grabbed and pulled until the hip socket pops and the upper thigh muscles, blood vessels, nerves and tendons rip and tear until the leg is finally torn from your body. Before you have chance to realize what has just happened, something grabs your other leg and forcibly tears it loose from your body.

Through intense pain, something then grabs your arm and rips it away from your shoulder and then the other arm. If you’re still conscious, the pain has to be unbearable and the horror of what is happening even worse. Then piece by piece the remainder of your body is ripped away until finally something crushes your head.

I’m not describing some medieval torture or what took place in the Nazi concentration camps, but what happens every day to innocent children before they ever have the chance of taking their first breath or seeing the loving face of their mother. The procedure is known as a dilation and evacuation abortion or D&E and is often preformed to unborn babies at various stages of development.

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Now let me ask if you would consider this to be humane?

Priscilla Smith, an abortion advocate and the attorney who defended partial-birth abortions before the US Supreme Court, just told Congress that D&E abortions are humane.

Appearing before a multi-committee Congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood’s abortion procedures, Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) questioned her about a D&E abortion. He read excerpts of the Supreme Court decision which banned partial-birth abortions, describing the horrific procedure. Then he asked Smith:

“Do you believe this is a humane way to die?”

Before answering, she tried to argue whether or not the baby is viable at which time Goodlatte interrupted her to point out that the Supreme Court described how the procedure was started on a baby that was eventually born without an arm after the abortion was unsuccessful. Eventually, Smith responded to his question saying:

“Yes, a D&E procedure is a very humane procedure.”

If I were Goodlatte or any other member of the committee, I would have turned Smith’s answer on herself, stating that if it is a humane way to die then shouldn’t it be used on criminals condemned to death? The same people who argue that D&E abortions are humane are the same ones that argue that putting any convicted murderer to death is inhumane. They say that lethal injection, electric chair, hanging and firing squads are all inhumane and then turn around and claim that ripping a living baby apart limb by limb is humane.

My next question to Smith would be to ask her if she would subject herself to the same treatment if she were terminally ill or suffered a massive stroke that left her in a vegetative state. Then I would point to the hypocrisy of her views.

Abortionists say it’s okay to brutalize an unborn child but it’s inhumane to put to death a condemned murderer or kill an animal. They’ll fight to save the limbs of a tree but not the limbs of a human infant. Most pro-abortion advocates fail to see the illogical and hypocritical aspects of their stance.

I believe every person in the United States needs to be taught what happens to an unborn child during a D&E abortion. They need to be shown photos and told that the babies are alive and feel pain. Then the public outcry would be so great that all abortions would be outlawed and millions of lives would be saved.

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