Disney Layoffs Possible after Anti-Family Company Loses More Money

I hate to see anyone being laid off from the job, especially in today’s gloomy economic condition, but I do like to see companies that help destroy the values and morals of America struggle financially.

Disney has always promoted itself as a family friendly company, but they are anything but family friendly.  They openly endorse homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  They offer benefits to the same-sex partners of their employees.  They even have a special day at their theme parks dedicated to homosexuals.  It’s as if they changed the lyrics of their theme song ‘It’s a Small World After All’ to ‘It’s a Gay World After All.’

Besides being pro-homosexual, Disney is anti-gun and anti-hunting.  They subtly teach their message in their cartoons, movies and other programs.  When the Disney classic Bambi was launched in 1942, the reaction of people to deer hunting was enough to force numerous states to stop all deer hunting for several years.  Without the annual harvest, deer populations quickly grew to beyond what the land would support in just a couple years hundreds of thousands of deer died of starvation during the winter.  In some areas of the nation up to 80% of the deer died because there wasn’t enough food for them all.

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So when I saw the news that Disney was again losing millions of dollars and announced another round of layoffs, I felt sorry for the employees, but I was over joyed with the company’s bad news.

Disney Interactive is a division of the Disney empire that is responsible for many of their websites and interactive media and video games.  From 2008 through 2012, they lost an average of $200 million per year.  In 2011 they laid off around 200 employees and shutdown their Propaganda Games section that was responsible for video game Tron: Evolution.  In 2013, they laid off another 50 employees and closed down the Junction Point Studios in Austin, Texas that were responsible for all of the Epic Mickey titles.

In 2013, Disney Interactive reportedly lost another $76 million, and many analysts are expecting to see more layoffs from the company.  Some reports say that they did manage to turn a profit in the first quarter of this financial year which began in October, but they don’t believe it will be enough to offset the need for more downsizing.

The news of more layoffs possibly looming for the company may have contributed to their stock dropping $2.62 on Monday.  Personally, I would not invest in a company like Disney that has trampled on traditional family structure and values, nor do I purchase their products.  Perhaps some of their financial woes are related to their anti-family and anti-Christian policies and programs.

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