Disney Tells 10 Yr. Old ‘God’ is Offensive

I’ve contended for years that Disney is so liberal that it’s not worth supporting. They open their theme parks every year to a special gay celebration. In all of their children programs and materials they promote New Age and humanistic religious views. From Bambi to the Lion King to Frozen, Disney is intentionally trying to brainwash children to accept their liberal anti-God philosophies.

Disney’s anti-God agenda was made very evident recently when they censored and reprimanded a 10 year old girl just for mentioning God and her church.

Lily Anderson of Angier, North Carolina was on the Disney Channel’s website. It was her birthday and she was happily answering questions on the website. When Lily got to the question that asked her what the most important things in her life were, she typed in:

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“God, my family, my church and my friends.”

Responses are posted online for others to read and Lily was excited to let them know that God and her church were important to her, but her excitement was quickly ruined. A popup screen appeared on her computer that reprimanded her for using offensive language and asked her to ‘please be nice.’

Lily was confused and had no idea why the site would not accept her answer so she went and got her mom, Julie Anderson. Julie told the media:

“It was Lilly’s idea alone to include God in her post. As a matter of fact, she was in another room from me, and she came and got me when it wouldn’t allow her to post.”

Julie wasn’t sure why her daughter was being censored by the Disney website, so they started entering different words that Lily had used. When they typed in God, the warning popped up. Julie was upset that a company that calls itself family friendly and runs a pro-family operation would tell a child that God is offensive. Speaking to the media, she said:

“We’ve always told her that inevitably there would come a day when she would be discriminated against for her faith, but we never thought Disney would be the source.”

“I just don’t want children to feel like there’s something wrong or there’s something they should be ashamed of in sharing their faith with their peers.”

When asked about how she felt, Lily responded:

“They made me feel a little bit bad because I couldn’t write it … because God’s the reason that we have all the stuff that we have.”

Disney tried to justify their censoring of God by issuing this explanation:

“[It was blocked] because so many people attempt to abuse the system and use the word ‘God’ in conjunction with profanity. In an abundance of caution, our system is forced to catch and prevent any use of the word on our website.”

Julie Anderson responded to Disney’s justification, saying:

“In a way, it’s understandable what they’re trying to prevent, but a big red message that tells a child that it’s not nice to be thankful for God might not be the best way to handle that.”

“I want my daughter, and all children of faith, to know that it is OK to share God and Jesus with their peers. I want her to know that she doesn’t have to be silent about her faith. I want her to be strong and soldier on.”

Some may accept that explanation but from what I’ve seen from Disney over the years, I don’t buy it all. In fact, it sounds like a pretty lame excuse to justify their anti-God agenda. I said it before and I’ll say it again that Christians need to boycott Disney and let them know why. Hurt them in their profits and by sharing your concerns with others.

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