District Court Appointee is Anti-Gun Anti-Religious Freedom Flaming Liberal

President Obama has nominated Jesse M. Furman to the US District Court for the Southern District of New York or as many refer to it as the US District Court of Manhattan.  Numerous legal and judicial experts believe this to be one of the more important courts in the land.

Furman has a history of being anti-gun and anti-religious freedom.

Among Furman’s background is the case of Good News Club v Milford Central School.  The school refused to allow the Christian club to use school facilities during off times for their meetings.  Furman argued for the school, claiming that their position was reasonable and justifiable in keeping religious views out of the public sector.  In his arguments, he stated,

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“While the public school is designed to promote cohesion among a heterogeneous democratic people, the Good News Club is designed to do quite the opposite: to label people as ‘saved’ or ‘unsaved’ and, thus, to promote religious belief in general and Christian belief in particular.”

Fortunately, the US Supreme Court ruled 6-3 against Furman’s arguments and the school and said that the Christian club should be allowed to use school facilities in off hours for their meetings just like any other school club does.

Sen Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is opposing the nomination of Furman because of his liberal anti-constitutional views.  In an interview over the weekend, Inhofe said,

“In keeping with President Obama’s attack on religious freedom related to the contraception ruling, this nomination further shows President Obama’s disregard for religious liberty in America.  Here we have an Obama appointee who in essence sought to keep religion and religious view points out of the public square. His position was both an assault on the free exercise of religion and an attack on free speech. In short, Furman encouraged judicial activism against religious expression, because he apparently finds the message of Christianity offensive.”

Earlier in Furman’s career, he wrote an article titled Bang Bang You’re Dead.  The NRA Supplied the Lead.  Within that article, Furman wrote,

“Probably the best explanation for the amount of violent crime in the United States is its fascination with guns.”

“A second pressing issue is related to semiautomatic weapons – military assault guns [sic] that are easily converted to automatic fully automatic weapons [sic].”

“There is no reason that gun owners should not be required to register their guns.”

Furman has tried to deflect the criticism this article has created saying that he wrote it when he was much younger.  However, there has been nothing in Furman’s career since that would cause anyone to believe that his views on gun control have changed.

As I was reading about Furman and his anti-gun stance, I couldn’t help but believe this nomination was intentional and was meant to re-enforce the strong anti-gun Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance.  If you recall, Vance is prosecuting Ryan Jerome for violating Manhattan’s conceal carry ban even though Jerome had an Indiana conceal carry permit and believed he was acting within the law.

Placing an anti-gun and anti-religious freedom judge in the federal court that will oversee an anti-gun district attorney will definitely be a double-jeopardy for any pro-gun citizen that comes up against them.

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