Diverse and Inclusive Chicago Schools Excludes Whites from Black Only Event

Just a couple weeks ago, blacks throughout the nation were in an uproar because no blacks had been nominated for any of the Academy Awards. They’ve also been complaining about an apparent racial segregation taking place in the way law enforcement conducts their business.

Whenever anyone has a white only event, blacks scream and protest. They point fingers at the people responsible and call them racists, bigots and black haters. But what do they call the people who organize a black only event that excludes whites like the educators in Chicago?

Oak Park and River Forest High Schools recently held an assembly to help celebrate Black History Month. The assemblies were called ‘Black Lives Matter’ and only black students were allowed to attend. A number of white students tried to attend the assemblies but were refused entry and turned away.

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These very same blacks are the people trying to promote racial diversity and inclusiveness in their schools. They want whites to be open and accept blacks as equals in everything but then turn around and exclude whites from their event.

After a number of white parents and students complained, the schools issued a statement saying:

“(Some) students and parents expressed confusion and concern about the event being [held] for black students only.”

“Information about the event lacked clarity about this aspect of the conversation, and the high school is committed to improving communications in the future.”

According to anti-discrimination laws individuals, business and even schools are not allowed to discriminate against anyone based upon race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Blacks have been screaming about racial discrimination in the shootings of blacks by police. They’ve been screaming that many prisons have high percentages of black prisoners compared to the population. They cried when no blacks were deemed worthy of an Academy Award nomination.

So why is it suddenly ok and legal for blacks to discriminate against whites at a public school event but it’s not okay for whites to discriminate against blacks? It’s because racism in their eyes is like looking through a two way mirror. It’s okay for them to look and accuse others, but they refuse to see themselves in the very same mirror. They don’t believe it’s possible for them to be as racist as the ones they are accusing when in fact many of them are the most racist of all.

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