Do American Indian Lives Matter to Racial Activists?

Ever since a black teen criminal attacked a security guard in Florida and ended up being shot death, all we’ve heard from the black community is black lives matter.

What about the lives of other minorities? Do they care if a member of one ethnic group senselessly murders members of another ethnic minority?

Racial activists went in an uproar over the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Grey, John Crawford III, Sandra Bland and Samuel Dubois because they died at the hands of a Hispanic or white person. I’ve already written that all of these deaths were the fault of the black person for failing to comply with the orders of law enforcement officials.

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But again I ask where is the uproar over the deaths of other minorities?

This past week, Jesus Deniz Mendoza shot a family of American Indians, killing the parents and wounding their daughter.

Mendoza, an 18 year old who legally entered the US in 2013 is from Worland, Wyoming. He was seeking roadside assistance near Pryor, Montana when Jason and Tana Shane, 51 and 47 years of age, stopped to see if they could help. According to reports, Mendoza has admitted that after the daughter laughed at him, he grabbed his .22 caliber rifle, shooting and robbing them. Jorah Shane, their 26 year old daughter, tried to run away but Mendoza shot her in the back. Fortunately she survived her wound and is recovering in a Montana hospital.

The Shane family are members of the Crow Nation’s Whistling Water tribe. That classifies them as belonging to a minority ethnic group, the same as blacks, Hispanics and others.

But now the voices of racial activists have been silent. Al Sharpton and his racist colleagues have not traveled to Montana to demand justice for the slain family. I haven’t even been able to locate a released statement condemning the murders.

Yesterday I posted that black lives only matter when it involves a white person. Blacks are senselessly beating, raping, stabbing and shooting far more blacks than whites or any other ethnic group of people, but they don’t seem upset over these deaths. The reason is that black on black violence doesn’t fit into their racial hatred agenda.

If racial activists were true to their purported cause, they should be in an uproar over the deaths of Jason and Tana Shane and the shooting of their daughter Jorah. Their silence only lends support to my accusation that most of those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, like Al Sharpton, are not concerned about the deaths of blacks or other minorities. They are only interested in fueling the fires of racial hatred between blacks and whites and nothing more. After all, if there wasn’t any racial hatred in America, Al Sharpton would have to get a real job.


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