Do the Crime, Serve the Time

Last month, the whole world saw the video of four seventh graders bullying and ridiculing Karen Klein, the 68 year old bus monitor.  Before this incident most of the world had never heard of Greece, New York.

The four boys were horribly cruel to Karen as they verbally tortured her about her weight and the suicidal death of her son ten years earlier.  After minutes of non-stop verbal torture, she eventually broke down in tears of humiliation.

After the video of the event went viral and made almost every media outlet, the parents of a couple of the boys approached Karen to apologize for the behavior of their sons.  Eventually, the four boys wrote letters of apology, but Karen saw them as being forced and insincere except from the fourth boy who she believed to have been genuine in his apology.

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Once the video spread across the globe, someone set up a website with the goal of raising $5,000 to send Karen on a well deserved vacation.  As of last Friday, the website had raised $667,000.  She said that she plans on paying off her bills and donating part of the money to research to help find a cure for Down’s Syndrome which afflicts one of her grandchildren.

But what about the four boys who viciously attacked the senior bus monitor?

Greece school officials have just announced the punishment for the four seventh graders.  They are being expelled from their middle school for one year and will be sent to an alternative school instead.  Additionally, they have been banned from riding any school bus in the district for one year and they must serve 50 hours of community service that involves seniors.

A week ago, I wrote about the public school system receiving a no confidence vote from the general public and how part of the no confidence is due to their lack of punishment and making students pay for their crimes.  In lieu of that article, I can’t say how happy I am to hear the severity of the punishments handed down to the four students.  While none of the reports I’ve read about the incident have mentioned any punishment handed down from mom and dad, I can only say that I hope they received a spanking that left them unable to sit for a couple of hours.

I’ve always believed that if you do the crime that you better be ready to serve the time.

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