Do Guns Possess Jedi Mind Control?

The title sounds obviously ridiculous, but if you really listen to anti-gun people like Barack Obama and thousands of other anti-America liberals, you would almost believe that guns are somehow able to control the minds of people like the Jedi knights in Star Wars.

Obama continues to use incidents like the tragedy in Charlotte last week to push his agenda to disarm Americans. He continues to blame guns for the deaths as if the gun owners are really saying ‘the gun made me do it.’

Obama also offered up another lie to the American people by claiming that this sort of violence doesn’t happen in other countries. Oh really? Doesn’t he read international news?

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Obama argues that if we get rid of guns the senseless violence will stop. Oh really? Then how does he explain all of the bombings and stabbings that occur worldwide?

If he wants to point to other countries, then let’s point him to Australia. They banned most of their guns nearly 30 years ago. In the years that followed, home invasions, burglaries, rapes and murders skyrocketed. Criminals knew that law abiding citizens no longer had a gun to protect themselves, so they felt emboldened to carry out their crimes and violence on a defenseless population.

Many countries try to hide their mass killings from the rest of the world but if you dig deep enough you’ll find reports of shootings, bombings, stabbings and more throughout the globe.

If strict gun laws are so effective then why are some of the highest crime rates and incidence of crimes involving guns take place in cities and states with the strictest gun laws?

Before the days of guns, people still carried out senseless violence against others using knives, bows and arrows, spears, poison, fire and even rocks. Ever since Cain murdered his brother Abel (and he didn’t have a gun then either), people have been murdering other people. If they want to kill someone, they will find a way to do it with whatever they can get their hands on.

It’s not the weapons that are responsible, but the heart of the people, which according to Scripture is only evil continuously.

Even the Pope has weighed in on the gun issue claiming that no one who makes, sells, owns or uses a gun can be called a Christian. WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT IN THE BIBLE??? How many times did God tell His people to take up their arms and drive out the unbelievers? Look at the people in Scripture that were the closest to God and whom He favored – Moses, Gideon, Caleb, David and Solomon. They all used the weapons of the day to carry out God’s direction. Sorry Catholics, but the Pope is way off base on this issue and has made a serious theological error. He has misused the name of Jesus to support his own personal views and that is wrong!

If Obama and others truly want to do something to reduce the violence we see in America today, there is only one course of action they can take. They, and the rest of the nation, need to get on our knees, confess our sins and beg forgiveness. Then we as a nation, starting at the top, need to turn from our evil ways and follow the statutes that God gave us in His Word. Then and only then can America start to heal, but until that happens, the evil and violence in our nation will only get worse and many more people will die.

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