Do Students Feel Safer on Gun Free Campuses?

A recent state law allows schools to determine whether or not they would allow firearms on campuses or not.  The majority of state colleges and universities in Arkansas didn’t waste time deciding to ban guns from their campuses.

According to the Board of Trustees at Arkansas Northeastern College, students and faculty will feel much safer in the future since they made the campus a gun free zone.  In a move that is sure to increase car break-ins, ANC is allowing students and faculty who commute to the school to bring their firearms to campus providing they leave them locked up and secured in their cars.  I’m sure that criminals who know this are going to start breaking into more cars looking for those concealed and secured guns.

Those conceal-carry weapons may help keep the faculty, staff and students safe in the vehicles but what about when they leave their cars and walk from the parking lot to their destinations on campus?

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During the school year, it seems that every week or so I hear about an armed robbery or assault on or near the University of Cincinnati campus.  It is a gun free campus, so anyone walking on campus or leaving the campus is going to be fair prey to would be attackers.  But if you ask Gene Ferrara, chief of the university police what he thinks about allowing conceal-carry weapons on campus so students and faculty can protect themselves, his reply is:

“I don’t think the answer to bullets flying is to send more bullets flying.”

Does that make sense to you?  It defies any logic for the idea of self-defense.  Instead, UC officials and police are constantly warning everyone to walk in pairs or groups and avoid walking around at night.  That means they want a woman who works during the day to arrive at the campus for evening classes to wait in her car until she can find someone to walk with, hoping that person is not one of the many perpetrators that seem to hunt the campus.  When class is over later at night, she needs to hope and pray that someone from the class will head to the same parking area, of which there are many.

I wish all of these college officials, trustees and police would talk to Amanda Collins, a student at the University of Nevada, another gun free campus.  Amanda has a conceal-carry permit, but due to the campus gun free policy, she had to leave her gun in her car.  Fifty feet away from the university campus police, Amanda was raped at gunpoint.  She believes that if she had had her gun with her, as she usually did off campus that she could have defended herself or at least stopped the rapist after her attack.  However, she wasn’t armed and he got away, only to rape 2 more women, killing his third victim.  Amanda is now allowed to carry her gun with her on campus, but at great cost to her and two other women.

Officials who believe that gun free campuses and zones are safer, they need to realize that Sandy Hook Elementary School was a gun free zone as was the theater in Aurora, Colorado.  Think about it.  Why would someone target a gun friendly location when they can carry out their criminal intentions in a gun free area where there will be less chance of anyone stopping them?

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