Do You Want Feds Implanting Contraceptives in Your 13 Year Old Daughter?

If you recall when President Obama and his minions were trying to sell his healthcare plan to America, he kept comparing it to Canada and the United Kingdom.  Since the Democratic controlled congress forced the unconstitutional measure down our throats, Canada has announced that their national health plan is facing serious financial problems and the National Health System in the UK is having to scale back coverage and treatments for many medical and mental conditions.

Obama and Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services have been pushing to model numerous parts of Obamacare after Great Britain’s National Health Service.  With that in mind, I need to make you aware of one of the latest programs taking place in Great Britain, that if Obama and Sebelius continue to get their way, could be a reality here.

In Southhampton, UK, at least nine secondary schools were involved in a NHS program to place a 1.5 inch long contraceptive device under the skin of girls as young 13 years of age without parental knowledge or consent.  When many parents found out and loudly protested, the sexual health services officially defended their actions by claiming that there had been a 22% decrease in teen pregnancies since they had started the program.

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National Health Services of Southampton spokeswoman said,

“We are committed to ensuring local young people are able to access clinically appropriate sexual health support.

“This helps them to avoid unwanted pregnancies and protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections.

“One element of this is commissioning a sexual health service for young people, that is provided in nine secondary schools across the city.

“The service is provided by trained staff and includes offering information, advice and support to students.

“It also includes chlamydia screening, condom distribution, pregnancy testing, providing a range of contraception methods and referral to other services.

When the parents of one 13 year old girl complained and went to the school for answers, she found out that all their daughter had to do was fill out a health questionnaire and then talk with a health counselor.  The contraceptive device was then implanted and there were no further follow up appointments.  This mother said,

 “I feel really angry about this.

“I agree that teaching teenagers about sexual health and contraception is very important but this is a step too far.

“To perform a minor surgical procedure on school grounds, without parents knowing is morally wrong.

“I’m told a long list of checks were made before she had this implant but how many 13-year-olds are aware of their full medical history?

“I cannot understand how this is allowed to happen.

“Teenagers have the right to protect themselves and she did the right thing by seeking advice but to not be checked after such a procedure is totally wrong.

“Luckily I now know but many other parents are unaware their daughter has one.

“I have spoken to a lot of parents at the school and they were horrified to find out this was happening.

“As parents we want to protect our children and I feel that has been taken away from me.”

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust said the program completely undermines parental authority and that it gives young girls the impression that it is okay for them to engage in sexual activities.  He went on to say,

 “Schemes like these inevitably lead to boys putting pressure on girls to have sex.

“They can now tell their girlfriends: ‘You can get the school clinic to give you an implant, so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.’

“They’ll tell them they don’t have to face the embarrassment of going to see their doctor, and it’s all confidential so their mum doesn’t need to know a thing.

“Parents send their children to school to receive a good education, not to be undermined by health workers who give their children contraceptives behind their backs.

“Health authorities should be looking for ways of discouraging young people from engaging in sexual activity in the first place.

“The last thing they should be doing is fuelling the flames of promiscuity and the sexual health crisis with schemes that treat parents, the law and basic moral principles with contempt.”

Now consider the fact that Obama and Sebelius have been working very hard with Obamacare and Planned Parenthood on very similar programs.  They have been advocating programs to provide sexual education, training, contraception and abortions without parental knowledge or permission.

Knowing this and how much Obama spoke about modeling Obamacare after the UK, it would not surprise me that they do not already have a similar contraceptive implant program in the works and that they will do their best to implement it without parents’ knowledge or permission.  So if you have a daughter or granddaughter in public school, you need to love them, talk to them and warn them about this.

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