Doctors Facing Less Pay More Work Under Obamacare

I have friends in Canada and they told me how so many doctors in Canada moved to the US after Canada instituted their national socialized medicine.  Canadian doctors received less pay and were expected to do more work and they weren’t happy with that scenario, so they left Canada and set up practices throughout the US where they could make a lot more money.  My friends said that for a few years there was a shortage of doctors in Canada and it often took months to get an appointment.  Many Canadians living near the US border crossed into the US to see a doctor even though it cost them more because it was quicker and they believed they received better care in the US.

Now, those Canadian doctors are facing the same thing here in the US.  American doctors are facing what the Canadians faced years ago.  Under Obamacare, the government is dictating many of the fees that doctors will be paid through the new health plans.

Since the passage of Obamacare, thousands of private physicians have already left their practices because of the costs and excessive paperwork.  We think that doctors make a lot of money, but many of us fail to realize how much it costs a physician to operate his private practice.  A number of them say that after all of the expenses are paid, including several hundred thousand dollars a year for malpractice insurance, they don’t make nearly as much as people think they do.  This is why so many doctors are joining larger medical groups where they can make more money with less headaches of operating a private practice.

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Now, the fears facing thousands of US doctors are coming true under Obamacare and it’s not just those with private practices, but also those that are part of larger medical groups.  Numerous doctors are complaining to various medical associations about Obamacare restrictions on how much they get paid by insurance companies for services rendered.  Many of the complaints are coming from states that have the lower customer rates for health insurance plans through the exchange programs including New York and California.

The insurance companies are saying that they have to pay the doctors less in order to keep premiums affordable, but I find that hard to believe when I’m looking at premium rates that equal and even double my mortgage payment every month.  The same insurance companies say that doctors will still make lots of money by seeing more patients per day.

Peter Cunningham, a Senior Fellow at the nonpartisan Center for Studying Health System Change in Washington, commented to the insurance companies saying:

“As it is, there is a shortage of primary care physicians in the country, and they don’t have enough time to see all the patients who are calling them.”

Cunningham also raises the question of whether or not doctors will be willing to see more patients, knowing that they won’t get paid for all of their services under the patient’s health plan.  He said:

“Are (enrollees) going to have difficulty getting physicians to accept them as patients?”

As doctors learn more about how much they will get paid or not paid under different insurance plans, many will start not accepting certain plans, further reducing the choices of doctors for patients.

Under Obamacare we are seeing fewer doctors accepting many of the lower tiered insurance plans because they will lose money if they accept them.  That means that people purchasing the more affordable plans will have fewer and fewer doctors to choose from.  Only people that can afford the higher tiered insurance plans will have access to the full range of doctors, leaving many Americans to settle for lesser care than the rich.

This is just one more facet of Obamacare that points to the entire system imploding on itself and collapsing like one of those tall buildings being demolished.  It will fall in upon itself leaving the entire medical industry in ruins.  The end result will be millions of Americans left with insurance and without any doctors to turn to.  The only ones to gain from this in the long run are mortuaries and cemeteries as their business is about to boom.

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