Documentary Shames Whites for ‘What They’ve Done’

MTV, believe it or not, used to confine itself to playing music videos and talking about news in rock ‘n’ roll. I recall with great fondness that first airing of “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.

Those golden days of yore are long gone, as MTV is apparently now little more than another front in the ongoing culture wars.

Its latest assault is a documentary called “White People,” which purports to expose “white privilege” and shame the evildoers for “what they’ve done in America.”

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What we’ve done? Like electricity, indoor plumbing, the Big Mac, Walmart, surround sound, flat-screen TVs, luxury cars, Big Gulps, NASA, constitutionally protected freedoms? Stuff like that?

Nah. “White People” is a litany of complaints about how non-whites supposedly can’t have nice stuff because all us racist crackers are hogging it all, and how we really can’t relate to non-whites because nobody ever stereotypes us and tries to discriminate against us or makes a game out of knocking our elderly unconscious in public areas just for fun.

The show is populated by a bunch of young white people crying on camera about how hard it is not to offend anyone and how ashamed they are for being white and snarfing all the privilege. (It’s unclear if they’ve been kidnapped and subjected to re-education or are just naturally useful idiots.)

As you could probably guess, the director on this is an illegal immigrant and amnesty activist, Jose Antonio Vargas, who is also a Pulitzer Prize winning “journalist,” proving yet again that even the most celebrated journalists these days are hacks.

Take a look at the trailer on YouTube. If you’re white, be sure to break out those pearly white robes and hoods we all know you have in your closet before you watch it. Bring your tiny violins as well, because the trailer features a number of young white people weeping at the unfairness of being pale.

I think that I, and many of my fellow Cracker-Americans, will pass on this little bit of Pulitzer Prize winner-generated edification and stick with rewatching episodes of “Breaking Bad.” (Say my name!)

Now if, by some fluke some day, MTV were to produce a documentary about the racist assumptions made about white people by the propagandizing wing of the Left in order to manipulate the public, that I might think about watching.

Think about. … Then again, maybe not. Propaganda, it seems, has killed the video star.



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