Does Armed Staff Really Save Lives?

While the media continues to focus on the shootings at places like Sandy Hook and Aurora, they seem to forget that they have also taken place in churches during worship services.   They want the public to remember what happened at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine and Virginia Tech, but they don’t want you to remember what happened at New Life Church in Colorado Springs in 2007.

It was a brisk winter morning in Arvada, Colorado when Matthew J. Murray attacked the Youth With a Mission training center.  Murray shot four people, killing two and wounding two others, before fleeing the scene.

He next showed up at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, just as the morning worship services had ended and people were starting to head home.  As Murray arrived armed and fully loaded, he opened fire on a family in the parking lot, killing two teenage children and wounding their father and another woman.  Murray then proceeded into the foyer of the church where he shot and wounded a man.

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Still armed with a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns, Murray headed to the sanctuary where a couple hundred people were still gathered.  Hearing the shot in the foyer, Jeanne Assam pulled out her gun and opened fire on Murray, striking him several times.  Realizing he was wounded, Murray turned his handgun on himself and took his own life, ending the shooting spree.

Why was Assam carrying a gun?  She was a former Minneapolis police officer, had a conceal carry permit, a member now of New Life Church and part of the church security staff.  Police and others credit Assam with saving the lives of those people still in the sanctuary.  Had she not been armed and ready, Murray had the capability to have shot another 50 or more people.

Pastor Brady Boyd commented about what happened, saying:

“It did deter it.  One of our voluntary security church members had a firearm and saved at least 50 people. My family had just left the building and I was still in the building when it occurred.”

The liberal media and Democrats don’t want you to remember the heroic efforts of an armed conceal carry church security staff.  They don’t want you to realize that a conceal carry staff member might be capable of saving lives in a school or theater or anywhere else.  They only want you to remember the cases where no one was armed and the kids and theater goers were completely defenseless.

If more people were reminded of what happened the December morning of 2007 at New Life Church, they would logically want their schools to do the same thing.  Jeanne Assam is living proof that armed staff can save lives.

If Obama and his fellow liberals really wanted to make gun control about protecting our innocent children, then they should take what happened at New Life Church and use it to promote placing trained armed security and staff in every school in the nation.  Instead, they go 180 degrees opposite and not only fight against arming school staff, but they also want to disarm the rest of the population.

This presents a good case that their agenda has nothing to do with the safety of our children, but that it has everything to do with their socialistic agenda to disarm America.  They’ll start with assault-style weapons, even though none were used at Sandy Hook and when those are gone, they’ll target the next group of guns, such as handguns.  Blink twice and they’re all gone.

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