Does Everyone Deserve or Even Need a College Education?

When I graduated high school some years back, the general consensus was that a college education would help you get a better paying job.  It was also generally accepted that not everyone could attend college nor did everyone deserve a college education.

Neither of my parents had any college education and there was no way they could afford to pay anything towards my college education.  I didn’t qualify for any scholarships and student loans were not a consideration.  If I wanted to go to college, I had to work and pay my own way.

Getting a college education was so important to me that I worked a variety of jobs, from flipping burgers to slinging pizza to butcher to retail sales.  I worked full time and attended college full time.  The hours were long and often difficult to manage, but I earned my college education and was proud of my accomplishment.  Since I had to pay for my own college education, I took it seriously and didn’t waste my time and money partying or carrying on like you see happening today.

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In today’s culture, getting a college education almost seems like something everyone is entitled to.  Young people expect someone, parents or government, to pay for their college education.  If that doesn’t happen, then they get a student loan that the current administration says does not need to be completely paid back after so many years.

Having college basically given to them, they truly don’t appreciate it or take it as seriously as they should.  Many party hardy for four years and then wonder what to do with themselves once they graduate.  There is even a rating system of the top party colleges in the nation.

With the entitlement mentality, is it any wonder that many of today’s young people are unwilling to work menial and even distasteful jobs which is why so many employers turn to hiring illegal immigrants to do these jobs.  Besides the jobs listed above, I’ve painted horse stalls, shoveled manure, pumped gas, bussed tables and rode the range herding cattle having to sleep on the ground.  And I’ve appreciated every job I’ve ever had as they helped to make me what I am and instilled in me a work ethic that many of today’s young people don’t have.

So I beg the question: Does Everyone Deserve or Even Need a College Education?

The current administration thinks so.  Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have been advocating more affordable college educations.  Obama has set a goal of increasing college graduates by 50% by 2020.

What they haven’t said is how they intend to make it happen or where all of these graduates are going to get jobs.

In today’s job market, there are hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of college graduates that are out of work and can’t find jobs.  Many business sectors are so flooded with college grads that the only people employers are looking for have to have so many years of experience, which is virtually impossible for recent graduates to obtain or they want people with Master’s or Doctorate degrees.

Increasing the number of college graduates via extra entitlement programs will only add to the problem of a generation with an entitlement mentality as well as increase the difficulty of their finding a job.  Instead of being a solution to the problem, the administrations goals will only make things worse, just like everything else they’ve done.

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