Does Hillary Clinton Think that We’re All Stupid?

Hillary Clinton’s latest scandal has the legs and the teeth to finally bring the Clinton family down… unless liberals working alongside the Obama administration can find some way to spin this and save her. You won’t be surprised to learn that those efforts have already begun.

David Brock from Media Matters went first, trying the old “tried and true” method of “shooting the messenger.” He went on MSNBC to attack the investigative reporters at the New York Times for the faulty reporting of a story on a “false premise.” Sadly for Brock and for Clinton, the Morning Joe crew wasn’t so easily dissuaded… they used facts and truth to shut down Brock’s silly argument.


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David Brock: Yeah, because the piece didn’t stand up to scrutiny after it was published. There’s an allegation very prominent in the subhead of this article yesterday that Hillary Clinton may have broken federal law. The only named source they have to support this allegation, Jason Banks who was the highest ranking lawyer in the national archive, said after the piece was published that no law was broken. So the story is wrong. It’s based on a false premise.

Hillary-EyeThe reporter seems to be digging his heels in and now giving his opinion that Hillary Clinton broke the law, but they don’t have any independent legal authority that we did see to make that case. I think the article was really sloppily done, it had innuendo in it that was false, we’re saying New York Times, look at your journalism, and if you find problems, you know, let readers know and correct this as prominently as it was splashed on the paper yesterday.

Joe Scarborough: Full screen up. I’m reading a national archives administration regulation, and it says agencies that allow employees to send or receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency recordkeeping system.

Mika Brzezinski: David, this is pretty clear

Joe Scarborough: That’s the regulation. It’s clear; it’s inside the State Department.

Chris Matthews tried to help Mrs. Clinton by pretending the story was no big deal.



Hillary Clinton herself tried to deflect criticism and cloud the email issue. She released a statement saying that she would ask the State Department to release her emails but this only made the things worse…



The statement that she put out last night, the tweet, such absolute nonsense, insulting the intelligence of everybody saying I’m going to ask the State Department to release my emails. They don’t have them. She has them. They have 55,000 emails that she and her staff parsed through and decided to give to them and she’s saying to the State Department, that’s like me telling you, Willie, I am asking you to release my son from captivity. You don’t have him. I got him. I mean, how stupid. And this is a question I have asked of the Clintons since 1992. How stupid do they think we are?

Don’t let the media or the liberals fool you – this is a big deal. The Hillary email scandal is indicative of the way the Clinton family operates, and we can expect more of this nonsense if Mrs. Clinton becomes President. We should thank our lucky stars that this came out now instead of in 2017 – because we still have time to save ourselves from the horrible Clinton years.

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