Does Psycho Cop Mean Police Weapons Should Be Banned?

Yesterday, the headlines were buzzing about a former police officer who has now gone Adam Lanza in the LA area. The main difference is that this cop is not trying to cover his motives, but has published a twenty-page manifesto promising violence and “asymmetrical warfare” on all his enemies.

“Police are waging an intensive manhunt across Southern California for a former Los Angeles cop wanted in connection with a double murder and suspected of going on a revenge shooting spree. Overnight shootings in Riverside County that left one officer dead and two wounded have been linked to the former Los Angeles officer, Christopher Dorner, who was named as a suspect in the slaying of a young couple here Sunday. Across Southern California, digital traffic signs carried alerts urging motorists to report any sight of Dorner, believed to be driving a Nissan Titan pickup truck and considered armed and dangerous.”

So here is a man who, despite some kind of vetting process to serve on the police force, has gone “postal.” He has already murdered a couple because the woman was on the panel that recommended his termination. A cop has died in a shootout with him. Others have been wounded. He is promising to kill more.

So where is the anti-second amendment media? Shouldn’t they all be screaming about how American needs gun control and all police, or at least ex-police, need to be disarmed? Why isn’t Piers Morgan asking “Why does anyone need that much firepower.”

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Well, as far as I can tell, the gun grabbers are remaining silent. They know that, in order to grab guns, gun grabbers need to be armed. And like all self-respecting people, no police officer is going to work willingly while being told he can’t be trusted. Nothing Dorner does will make it acceptable to treat all other cops as if they are obligated to prove that they are better than Dorner.

So the bottom line here is that, even though one of them has shown himself to be a dangerous homicidal lunatic, police officers get treated like responsible human beings. Not so us “civilian” people who are not members of state or federal police agencies. Every misuse of a firearm by someone who is not a cop becomes an immediate argument that every one of us deserves to be disarmed. We can be interrogated about how much firepower we really “need.”

(As far as I can tell, newspaper reporters have some odd convictions about “fair play.” According to them, when preparing for the remote possibility that you might need to defend ourselves, it is only sporting to make sure your firepower doesn’t totally overwhelm your attacker.)

This whole situation shows how much Liberals want a new kind of feudalistic system where certain people, because of their station, have the right to bear arms, while all the rest–the peasantry–are restricted from owning such weapons.

Inexplicable madness or rage cannot be stopped or controlled. Lanza’s story and Dorner’s story may be different, but neither one of them is necessarily a call to action. If cops aren’t going to be disarmed then neither should anyone else be denied their right of self-protection.

[Note: as I write this, the news keeps getting worse. I pray Dorner is stopped by the time you are reading this. Look for a continuation on this story tomorrow since there are even more tragic ironies developing in how the media reports on how the police do their job “protecting” us.]

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