DOJ Deports US Citizens While Allowing Illegals to Stay

Over the past six years, Barack Obama and his corrupt administration has shown more loyalty and concern for illegal aliens than they have for legal US citizens. Obama has worked hard and illegally to keep illegals in the US and give them jobs and benefits while at the same time trampling on the rights of US citizens.

In June 2012, Obama announced his executive action plan known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA. Basically, the executive order would allow any illegal that entered the US prior to June 2007 who were below the age of 16 at the time, to remain in the US without fear of being deported back to where they belonged for at least 2 years and they would be eligible for work permits. The federal government estimated that this affected about 800,000 young illegals, but other experts placed the number closer to 1.7 million.

Before the dust could settle from the sweeping GOP victory in the 2014 midterm elections, Obama issued a memo which expanded DACA to include any illegal that entered the US prior to 2010 regardless of age. He also extended the deferred deportation period from two years to three years. The Obama administration estimated that this would affect around 5 million illegals.

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Then Jeh Johnson, Department of Homeland Security Secretary expanded the deferred deportation even more. According to some in law enforcement, Johnson’s expansion of Obama’s expansion would allow nearly 20 million illegals to remain in the US for at least 3 more years.

However, now we are learning that the Department of Justice admits that it’s been confused about certain immigration laws and that confusion has led to the deportation of US citizens. It’s not a typo – Obama’s puppet Eric Holder has been deporting US citizens while doing everything possible to keep illegals here in our country.

Supposedly, the Justice Department is home to the government’s top attorneys and law experts who should be able to understand all of the legal jargon used in writing laws. But evidently, they aren’t the government’s brightest and they don’t understand the legal jargon.

If an immigrant becomes a naturalized citizen, that citizenship is extended to any of their children under the age of 18, providing they meet certain criteria. The term for this is ‘derivative citizenship.’ If a child of a naturalized citizen was conceived out of wedlock, the child must be ‘legitimated’ in order receive citizenship under the naturalized parent.

Evidently, DOJ legal eagles tripped over the term ‘legitimated’ and must have hit their head on the law library table because they seem to not understand what it means. Their misunderstanding of the legal term resulted in the DOJ giving out wrong legal advice from 2008 to 2015, resulting in children that were made US citizens through their parent’s naturalization process being deported back to their home countries.

In a nutshell, Obama’s people were deporting naturalized US citizens, who went through the proper and legal channels to obtain their citizenship while allowing millions of illegals to remain here without fear of deportation. Then Obama and his Democratic minions have the gall to stand before the American people and tell us the immigration system is flawed and they intend to fix it. How can they fix something that they don’t understand in the first place and refuse to enforce in the second place?

Having a man who illegally occupies the White House say that he’s going to fix the flawed immigration system is like asking a like having a pedophile say he’s going to clean up the sexual abuse in our public schools. It doesn’t make sense and you know the end result will only be worse than the original problem.

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