DOJ Invoking Separation of Powers to Defend Obama When Obama Abuses Same

Our Founding Fathers knew that all men are sinners and as such capable of many things including abusing the power of their position or office. This was clearly made evident by the tyrannical rule of the British crown over the American colonies. That’s why they created a government with three separate and distinct branches, each having their own powers, duties and restrictions. Those powers held by each department were intentionally separated to prevent any one man from taking absolute control of the new nation.

In the 227 years since the US Constitution was signed and ratified, there have been struggles between the three branches of government, but fortunately those struggles were easily handled due to the checks and balances written into the Constitution.

That is until Barack Hussein Obama assumed residence in the White House. It didn’t take him long to trample on the US Constitution and ignore the separation of powers between the three branches of government. He has repeatedly assumed the powers of Congress by nullifying, creating and altering laws. Every time he made changes to Obamacare he was acting illegally since he does not have the authority to change laws created by Congress without first going through Congress and obtaining their approval.

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Obama has also violated the separation of powers when he told the Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act before it was repealed by the Supreme Court. He violated the separation of powers when he took it upon himself to release money and weapons to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood after Congress had them frozen. He violated the separation of powers when he ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stop enforcing many of the immigration laws that had been created by Congress.

Obama has tried to violate the separation of powers on a number of occasions by insisting various courts have no power or jurisdiction over him. That argument was made in some of the cases that involved his eligibility to run for and hold the office of president.

Now when it’s convenient for Obama, he and his legal puppet, Eric Holder, are claiming separation of powers in their motion to overturn a court injunction that is temporarily preventing the implementation of Obama’s illegal delayed deportation program. In an emergency motion filed with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last Thursday, the DOJ argued that the injunction:

“Offends basic separation-of-powers and federalism principles and impinges on core Executive functions.”

“The lower court’s order is unprecedented and wrong.”

“The Constitution does not entitle States to intrude into the uniquely federal domain of immigration enforcement. Yet the district court has taken the extraordinary step of allowing a State to override the United States’ exercise of its enforcement discretion in the immigration laws.”

Ironically, many of the states that have filed lawsuits against Obama’s immigration program have used the argument of separation of powers in stating that the Constitution does not give the president power to create immigration laws on his own accord without going through Congress.

This latest legal dancing on the part of the White House is just further proof of Obama’s hypocrisy. He tramples all over the Constitution and then tries to hide behind it only when it’s convenient for him to do so. Hopefully the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will see Obama’s hypocrisy and lawlessness and rule against him and the DOJ. However, since they do have a liberal sway in a number of their rulings so I suspect they will lift the temporary injunction and allow millions of illegals remain in the US in defiance of federal law, obtain work permits to take valuable jobs away from American citizens and obtain state driver’s licenses which will allow many of them to illegally register to vote and that final aspect is the whole reason for Obama’s actions.

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