DOJ Stops Florida From Removing Dead People and Foreigners From Registered Voter List

The news of dead people voting in various primaries has been all over the news since the first primary in January.  All toll, thousands of dead people have voted in this year’s primaries with many more still appearing on the active voter registration lists.  It occurred in New Hampshire and Florida.

In response to allegations of possible voter fraud involving dead people and foreigners who are not citizens but registered to vote anyway, Ken Detzner, the Florida Secretary of State began cleaning up the voter registration lists in his state.  During the process, they found 53,000 dead people that were still registered to vote throughout the state and Detzner issued instructions to have them removed from the voter rolls along with any persons identified to be non-citizens.

When the news reached Washington DC, the Democratic controlled Department of Justice, immediately reacted and issued orders instructing Detzner to stop purging the voting records.

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Former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams used to work in the voting section of the DOJ.  Now writing for PJ Media Adams says that the DOJ order to Detzner is beyond the legal powers of the DOJ or any other federal agency.  He commented about it saying,

“Panic has set in in this administration over the last four weeks because of polling numbers showing things do not look good.  So the Justice Department, it appears, has responded accordingly by using the power of the federal government to force states like Florida to keep illegals on the voting rolls [and] to do other things in other states on voter ID, like South Carolina, to really attempt to ratchet the election in their favor.”

US Attorney General Eric Holder has fought against every measure that has been taken by states to insure an accurate and fraud free election.  He has ruled any form of voter ID to be illegal and now they try to intimidate states like Florida from cleaning up their voter registration lists.  One would wonder why they would stop the removal of dead people and others that were ineligible to vote unless the Democratic Party has plans on using these names and non-citizens to cast illegal votes for Obama and other Democrats.  Plans for voter fraud seem to be the only reasonable explanation of the actions of the Holder and the DOJ.

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